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POLL: Higher Voter Enthusiasm Among Trump Supporters Than Biden Backers for 2024 Election

A recent Economist/YouGov poll indicates that supporters of former President Donald Trump display greater enthusiasm for voting in the 2024 presidential election compared to those backing President Joe Biden. The survey highlights that 63% of Trump’s intended voters describe their enthusiasm as either “very” or “extremely” high, with 46% falling into the “extremely” enthusiastic category. In contrast, 51% of Biden’s supporters express similar levels of enthusiasm, with 31% categorizing themselves as “extremely” enthusiastic.

The poll also explores overall voter sentiment, revealing that Republicans generally show more eagerness to vote than Democrats, with 54% of Republicans feeling extremely or very enthusiastic, versus 46% of Democrats. Notably, the survey suggests a tight race in November with Trump and Biden each capturing 44% of the vote in a scenario that includes third-party candidates.

Additionally, the poll found distinct motivations behind voters’ choices, with a significant portion of Biden’s supporters, 51%, voting primarily against Trump, whereas 67% of Trump’s supporters are voting affirmatively for him. The survey also indicates a public perception that Trump is more likely to win the upcoming election, with 42% predicting his victory compared to 35% for Biden.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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