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WATCH LIVE: Full Coverage Of Adirei Hatorah 2024 Celebrating Lomdei Torah

As Adirei Hatorah puts the final touches on its massive maamad hatorah taking place on Sunday night, a team of 15 Lakewood Alerts reporters and editors has assembled to bring you live coverage of the evening’s events.

Providing photos and videos, real-time updates, and key moments from every inch of the Wells Fargo Center, Lakewood Alerts is the ONLY media outlet offering comprehensive, blanket coverage of the most momentous gathering of the year.

Don’t miss a moment of the historic maamad! Follow Lakewood Alerts’ coverage by clicking here!

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  1. I have been watching this for quite a while. I don’t understand why do we always feel the need to belittle other Nationalities in order to get some encouragement in our Yiddishkeit.

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