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BAAL MOFES: Anti-Israel Squad Rep. Cori Bush Claims To Have Magically Healed A Woman’s Tumor

In her 2022 autobiography, “The Forerunner: A Story of Pain and Perseverance in America,” far-left Squad member Rep. Cori Bush makes astonishing claims of performing miraculous faith healings as a religious faith healer.

According to the book, Bush writes about developing her abilities through “applying God’s Word to her life” and understanding the power within her. She recounts two remarkable – and ridiculous – stories of healing: one of a three-year-old girl who took her first steps after Bush prayed over her, and another of a woman whose tumors disappeared after Bush laid hands on her and prayed.

Bush’s has long been affiliated with a “faith-healing church” in Missouri that has been mocked, particularly after the church’s lead pastor claimed to have cured Bush of coronavirus through faith healing over the phone in 2021.

As a member of the embattled “Squad,” Bush is currently facing a tough primary challenge from Wesley Bell, the prosecuting attorney of St. Louis, with polls indicating she trails by a double-digit margin.

While Bush’s book received a significant media push upon its release, it appears few have read it, and her claims of miraculous healings have sparked more mockery than acclaim.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. I’m not sure she didn’t affect tumors. Witchcraft {also known as koach hatuma} exists.
    That would just reinforce that’s she’s a bonafide machshefa!

  2. Seems that she has a lot of feeling for the world and people near her doorstep, but doesn’t really care about what really took place on October 7th or about what’s actually happening now in Gaza. (There are several videos of her online calling for peace in Gaza, and protesting that Resident Biden hasn’t done enough the stop the ‘Palestinian bloodshed’ which is probably why she’s considered part of the ‘squad’.) She may be more misinformed than actually hateful to Jews or Israel though. As far as her ‘faith healing’, it shows she has a sense of caring for others, and that maybe Hashem hasn’t hardened her heart as has unfortunately occurred with AOC and other cowardly and insincere ‘squad members’ and their ilk.

  3. ‘Bush’s has long been affiliated with a “faith-healing church” in Missouri’

    She is the FOUNDING PASTOR of the Church, one of the few evangelical Christian Ministers in Congress.

    Wesley Bell is a great candidate who will be a massive improvement over Bush. The district was gerrymandered by the Republicans Missouri as a Democratic vote sink that could never elect a Republican so Bell is the only chance to retire Bush back to her church. Everyone please send him a campaign contribution.

  4. huju,

    “This is about someone else’s religion and deserves some respect.”

    What a classic statement from a mah-yafis kapo who never hesitates to denigrate those of his own professed religion. In reality of course, your actual religion is wokeism.

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