Uproar Over Football Stadium Naming Rights Bid by Firm With Holocaust Ties


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stad.jpgFootball fans and Jewish groups are outraged over the prospect of a new Giants and Jets stadium being named for German insurer Allianz because of its Nazi ties in World War II.

The company insured the Auschwitz death camp and had a chief executive serving in Hitler’s cabinet. The company is on the short list of those vying to slap their name on the Meadowlands stadium in New Jersey via a lucrative sponsorship deal.

The possibility of what some saw as a former Third Reich enabler getting its name on their ballpark has some vowing boycott.

“It would be an insult,” said Abe Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. “It’s putting their name in lights for generations to come.”

Allianz would reportedly pay $20 million to $30 million per year for the naming rights of the $1.3 billion stadium, which is to open in 2010.

During the Holocaust, the same company refused to pay off life insurance stipends to Jews and sent their policies’ proceeds to the Nazis instead, Holocaust historians have written.

Allianz, which employs 11,000 people in the U.S. and sponsors golf and racing events, has acknowledged its shameful past and has shelled out millions in restitution.

(Source: NY Daily News)


  1. I still say no to this. I still dont like Mercedes Benz, BMW, or Audi. Add Chrysler-Daimler to the mix because if you ask me, the emblem of the circle with the extending wings on both sides, since they added Daimler to the mix, looks too much like re-worked nazi (YS) military regalia.

  2. the sad part over here is that the tisch family which owns half of the new york giants is jewish and that they would allow such a company to bid for these naming rights.
    this just shows what people will do to make money. honest but unethicial.
    i wonder if the same people who complain about this , will still take money from mr tisch for there jewish causes.
    Football fans and Jewish groups are outraged over the prospect of a new Giants and Jets stadium being named for German insurer Allianz because of its Nazi ties in World War II.

  3. No one ever has to or should forgive anything that tok place during the Holocaust. It was all completly unforgivable.

    With that said; Why is it apparantly acceptable to buy and drive german made cars, every kitchen have german made appliances, more than 1/2 of all men shaving everday use german made shavers, elect as governor an Austrian who’s father had ties to the Nazi’s (YS) and enjoy his entertaining movies as we grew up? (I mean other people of course, I never watched movies!) The answer is that we live in golus. In golus we are not the boss. We try to survive and wait for the geula. Until then, naming a football stadium after a german insurance company should not bother anyone anymore than all the aforementioned german businesses we avail ourselves to. To complain is hypocritical. I don’t hear anyone complaining that the state of Israel has a very good business relationship with Germany?

    Certainly to not accept Mr. Tisch to make money on it while we all use german products is hypocritical and unfair.

  4. Also 2 more..let’s not forget we are willing to free unrepentent Jew murderers, for our dead soldiers (also murdered by the Mamzerim) but concern ourselves with a German company who long ago repented and has a repented board (Melech Chadash) -this too is hypocrisy. So unless you are outraged by the return of the blood thirsty terrorists, you have no case here.

  5. Jets and Giants are both partially owned by Jews.
    Jets : Hess
    Giants : Tisch

    Either way, who says the current people are even conected to the people from 70 years ago?

  6. The adl raises money in order to make us all over sensitive. I can’t believe that someone would be offended by this.
    If they called it adolf hitler memorial stadium I would be upset. But an insurance company!
    Can we stop this over sensitivity stuff already. Henry Ford was an anti-semite. Would anybody like to boycott ford cars. IBM created the computer system.
    The adl looks for thing to be offended by. Nonsense!