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BREAKING: More Agri Woes….

ag1.jpg10:37AM EST: YWN has just learned that Sholom Rubashkin was arrested again, this time on a federal bank-fraud charge.

Sholom Rubashkin, 49, who ran Agriprocessors for years, was arrested in Postville this morning, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office told the Des Moines Register. He was scheduled to appear in court on Friday morning.

Rubashkin had been free on bond after being arrested late last month on federal charges of conspiring to hire undocumented workers at the Postville meat processing plant. He also faces state charges of illegally employing underage workers at the plant.

The company, which had been the nation’s largest supplier of kosher meat, filed for bankruptcy earlier this month. That action came shortly after a lawsuit filed by First Bank, which said Agriprocessors defaulted on a $35 million loan and overstated how much money it had available.

(YWN-Lipas / Des Moines Register)

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  1. This is an anti-semitic lynching. Practically all the fruit and vegetables we eat are picked by illegals. Let them pick on some farms in Caifornia that have thousands of illegals picking. There are 20 milion of them in the country and they pick on a few hundred in Potsville. Why is there no outrage in the Jewish community?

  2. Let’s not forget the years of tzedaka & chesed the Rubashkin family has given to so many…..oh right, those benficiaries are not pretigous enough to be counted

  3. Getting a $35 million loan and misstating relevant data is called bank fraud. Using false immigration IDs is a crime. But you only go to jail if you’re caught. There is no doubt that the Rubashkin family is at the forefront of tzedoko and chesed and I have no idea why Hashem is doing this. But they have been arrogant through all this and that’s what’s working against them. The Feds hate arrogance. If you come to them bishfal ruach, they are almost always more lenient.

  4. i think it says a lot about us and our values when our reaction to (yet another) of these reports is “anti-semitism!” or “these poor baalei tzedakah can do no wrong! the government is out to get them!” instead of considering the magnitude of the chillul hashem that this fiasco has already generated (i challenge anyone to cite a larger scale chilul hashem in HISTORY than this one), and how we, as frum yiddin, are being misaye’ah (acting as accomplices) to this worst of aveiros by continuing to make excuses, encourage, defend, and (at BEST) completely ignore the ongoing chilul hashem this is causing.
    in the words of lubavitchers, “Ad Mosai!!” – how much more chilul hashem can we take?? and how much more chilul hashem will we encourage and support?? do you think YWN is the only news outlet reporting these stories??

    PS these are not only my own opinions, I have spoken about this inyan with a very chushuve’ and well known Rov who told me the same.

  5. It doesnt matter who they are picking on. They cant pick on everyone. If you do something illegal, you should be arrested for it. They give a bad name to the jewish people. I dont care how much the jewish community relies on the company for meat, theres no excuse for fraud and other illegal activity. You dont need to give people an excuse to hate jewish people even more.

  6. # 7 I couldnt have said it myself. Nothing bothers me more than frum yidden acting like they are above the law. doing a good thing (tzedaka chesed etc) does not cover a crime and chillel Hashem! I try not to judge but i certainly do not pitty someone who sticks his hand in a lions mouth!

  7. Last week Avrohom Avinu prayed to save Sodom, I think they were more guilty than Agri Processors, Im assuming Zalmy and his Chashuv Rav feel that prayer for the ALLEGED guilty yidin is only a lubavitcher issue.
    I respectfully disagree, this will all pass eventually…and im sure the family is getting enough tzorus – we dont have to judge on top of that.
    I want Moshiach now regardless, have you said to the Rebono Shel Olam AD MASAI for Moshiach?!?!?!

  8. #3 is right. Even when there was the e-coli scare a little while back over green leafy veggies (spinach), and California farms were being inspected right and left, not once did anyone pick the “illegals working here” fight.

  9. Avrohom Avinu davened for Sodom which were clearly more guilty than Agri… in fact they werent JEWISH, yet Avrohom prayed,
    A chillul Hashem is horrible, but these are all hearsay, these are alleged, and a yid has a Cheskas Kashrus,
    Im hoping this comment doesnt get deleted like my previous one.

  10. I am quite familar with the inner workings of this industry and more specifically with this company/family. It is true what our rebbes teach us. Greed is terrible it leads to the downfall of all who worship it. So please, gentleman (and ladies) lets’ not awlays close our eyes to the truth. There is no lynching here, no anti semitism. It’s just law enforcemnt at it’s best. Everyone eventually gets caught. Greed never wins – it just makes one happy for a little while but they always come back for more AND more AND more – they are never satsified.

  11. Why would they risk hiring illegal employees to save money and still have money problems defaulting on a loan when there is such a huge demand for their kosher meat products? I would take a guess that a formal education in business would have helped matters, depending on how the individual applied such principles of business.

  12. As juicy as u think this story sounds…I don’t see any way that it would not be totally Lashon Harah & therefore assur to read! Part of the reason people like this site is because of the lack of lashon harah and other issurim found here. Please don’t sell yourselves down the river for a good scoop. In the end we all lose. We lose credibility, life & parnassah. Assur is Assur. Let’s keep it that way. Gut Shabbos.

  13. Usualy these kind of things only start with MESIRAH. Otherwise, as long as you pay your bills and obligations to your company nobody bothers you. (most of the time)

  14. Wrong. This report DOES belong here in Yeshiva World News.

    We need to ALL learn from this. We need to learn to behave better in ALL our actions bain odom l’chavairo, including in business.

    This is not anti-semitism.
    This is not “picking on this poor family”

    This is about a well-known Jewish family who are accused of doing many things which are illegal. Most are not in areas of doubt as to their guilt. Bank fraud has nothing to do with illegal aliens, or PETA or Unions. It is criminal behavior. It is wrong.

    They are fellow Yidden. We love them. But we also HATE their behavior.

    It humiliates and bring shame on the Jewish People. WE should be be tolerating this from our own people, not making believe they did nothing wrong.

    Please let us learn to behave better…Let this be a source of inspiration to us all to not forget to treat others lawfull, and kindly.

  15. #9 said …
    “And this is not loshon hara because?”

    At least two people working under the direction of S.M. Rubashkin have pleaded guilty. So it is true and not loshen hara.

  16. #11

    “I try not to judge”

    try a little harder

    do you have personal knowledge of the facts?
    have you seen two adim giving testimony in Bais Din? has any Bais Din given a gmar din in this case?

    you are assuming they committed a crime, based on what halachically sanctioned evidence exactly?
    newspaper and tv reports?

  17. “Noch a Mul?” Again with more negative Agri News? A number of issues:
    1. Is it Loshon Hora/Motzei Sheim Ra if it is public knowledge?
    2. If the reports of the Family being Baalei Tzedaka are true, does that justify alleged misdeeds? Is it proper to be a Baalei Tzedaka on someone else’s cheshbon? Allegedly not paying workers their rightfully deserved overtime pay, so that the family can to give the money (tzedaka?) to someone else?
    4. A “tiny” Chilul Hashem?? making us all look bad.
    5. The “American Dream” apparently includes violation of Dina D’ Malchuta Dina (Bank Fraud, Document Fraud, Illegal Workers, etc.,) … not to mention all the complaints of those who have had to cut down on their meat consumption — oy, nebach…
    6. Please Daven for those whose parnasas have been affected….. Good Shabbas

  18. Guys, how about reading the halochos of loshan horah instead of just hanging out here and posting “loshan harah” on every thread.

    If a thing was told to 3 or more people, then you can assume it will go out so you may tell others. Also, it says it depends if it will get to that community, yes it will since many of us do have other sources of getting news.

    The Chafetz Chaim warns people against just assuming things are loshan harah saying that the yeter harah tells you that the non-loshen harah is really loshen harah so that you just blow up eventually since you can’t figure out what it good and what is not and you just blow up and speak it all the time.

  19. #26 you are dead wrong the din of 3 people is if the guilty party says it over himself to 3 or more, if the story is known to more than 3 or 3 million its still assur

  20. #17…. Agenda by the Feds?? Having 1 or 2 illegal aliens under one’s employ is one thing (e.g. Housekeepers, Gardners, etc.,); but having hundreds under one’s employ, and (allegedly) committing document fraud to aid in this employ is something else.

    #23… “Halachically Sanctioned Evidence” and “Gmar Din” by a Beis Din??? Common Sense Please. We are supposed to follow the Torah & Halacha but not lose Common Sense. There are too many allegations of wrongdoing for a reasonable person not to conclude that at least SOME OF THESE allegations are unfortunately true.
    BTWay has a Beis Din even been approached to confer on the matter?? If not, then why bring it up??

  21. Fellow Jews:

    Please remember this rule of thumb.
    Is it L’Toeles?

    It doesn’t matter if it’s muttar.
    It doesn’t matter if everyone knows.
    It doesn’t matter if you are right.

    The antidote for Chilul H-Shem is NOT MORE CHILUL H-Shem!!!!

    If you are posting here, please make sure that what you post is for the purpose of Kiddush H-Shem, not your own self-righteous indignation. Because H-Shem loves every one of us, and HE wants to see His children doing the same.

    BaMarom Yilamdu, Alaihem v’alaynu ZECHUS shetihay l’mishmeres SHALOM.

    Good Shabbos.
    Enjoy your chulent meat.

  22. An estimated 43,000 unaccompanied illegal immigrant children were removed from the U.S. in 2007. I wonder if all of these were at Agri, and if not, then why haven’t we heard about arrests at other companies. I’m not saying that it is right to violate federal law, I am saying that enforcement of this law seems to be rather limited. Does anyone else find that there are areas where prosecution of Jews seems to be more aggressive than others?

  23. Anyone know the exact differences between Motzei Shem Ra, Loshon Hora, and Rechilus??
    (Trying to re-direct our attention to at least some matters of Torah/Halacha so at least SOME good will come of this discussion and the “alleged” allegations).

  24. oops, I left out the end of the bracha…

    v’nimtza chayn v’saychel tov, b’aynai eloKim v’Adam.

    And while we are bentching… don’t forget to say retzay!

    HaRachaman. Who?
    Yizakeinu L’yemos Hamashiach, ul’chayei ha-olam habah.


  25. #32
    I live in California where there are lots of reports of raids of illegal immigrants. The California-Mexico border area is very porous, and many times on the news they show raids and roundups of those trying to cross into the USA.
    There have also been reports on the news of farms being raided because of illegal farm workers.
    There are millions of undocumented workers in the United States, and our produce is cheaper because of their cheaper labor. I do agree with you that enforcement has been limited, but I don’t know if that is a bad thing; Nor do I believe that Jewish -owned businesses are unfairly being targeted. I don’t think we should be/become paranoid about selective prosecution.

  26. #32

    There WERE other raids, one larger than AGRI since this one. This is not a “limited” enforcement. AGRI was only one among others. And the others were not Jewish.

  27. #34. I read the letter/petition from your link. It doesn’t seem to be too accurate to me: Item #3 mentions allegations of a Meth Lab?? even if true why would that entail the sending out of a HAZMAT team?? In the letter there is also mention of Torah Law being followed vis a vis schita. FYI; Torah Law does not equal USA law.
    The PETA film of 2004 is questioned as to its integrity. On what basis?? Because we don’t like what it shows??
    PETA and the Forward Newspaper are blamed; and listed as …”eventually culminating in the current crisis”. How so??
    Blame everyone but ourselves??? I wouldn’t sign it….

  28. With regard to the Loshon Hora issues it’s not mutar to fully believe even if 3 million people know about it however you may suspect (lachush) and talk about it. (cc 7/4/9) It’s not permitted to specifically go and spread the word like YWN is doing. We could be melamed zechus on them that they are simply telling the world about a misfortune that’s happening to another jew so we should daven for them and not informing the world of any aveirus they may have committed.

  29. its a sign…

    in the old days it was pogroms, today it is federal or other “charges”…

    they charge first then ask questions later…

    “Midas Hadin” — exacting on everything makes it impossible for the world to run. there is nobody who doesnt have “something” to be charged with…

    Hashem is showing us that the corruption of this country’s laws can easily be used to at least make it “quite uncomfortable” for Jews…

    Let’s get the lesson and move on, so that we don’t need to be taught again, C”V!

  30. Bank fraud?are u aware what constitutes bank fraud?i assure you that every executive at every major bank is guilty of overstating financials.the fact that the feds came in commando style to arrest this guy tells you much sinath chinam do you have to give the don lekaf zechus to the feds and not to a frum yid?the fact that 2 people pleaded guilty means nothing .NADA.the feds tell them plead guilty or we will put you in jail for 10 years.what would you do?i know 2 people who had the option to plead guilty of crimes they did not committ and serve no jail time or go to was stubborn went to trial and lost.he spent 2 years behind bars.its not as simple as it seems.does o.j.simpson mean anything to you?
    while our system stinks,its the best out there other than the british system
    please ahavath chinam wont hurt,and i am a staunch anti chabad bhashkafa,but he gave parnassah to many many yidden and goyim,i will be dan lekaf zechus,and it is absolute loshon harah if it isnt ltoeleth so #7 maybe go back to your chosheve rav and tell him he should lern chofetz chaim another few times.

  31. To all those who agree with this lynching of Rubashkin, I wonder how many illegals they have as their maids, gardeners, house painters, construction workers, etc.

  32. #7 Zalmy….
    V’lamalshinim at tehi tikvu….
    With friends like you who needs enemies. Please come clean and post your 2005 and 2006 tax returns on yeshiva world, so all of us can see how a real Jew is supposed to behave. And by the way ask that very chushiva rov of yours to do the same with his “not for profit” congregation that he has.

    #41 I agree with you 100%….


  33. I agree that it is not Loshon Harah. I don’t think YWN would post Loshon Harah since they are frum. The Loshon Harah part is everyone’s opinions from YWN. That is why I think YWN should not allow any comments because all it does is cause more problems and people don’t know the entire story and they think they know what they are talking about and they don’t. I am not going to comment on this issue. What is done is done.

  34. as rabbi o berlin his comments. I will give you 2 REAL WORD reasons. PETA,UNIONS,and SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT. I am not agreeing that it is not a chilul hashem,BUT this goes on EVERY day in the U.S. THOUSANDS of times over and over in all sorts of establishments,and industries. As the other blogger mentioned.Thousands of illegeal farm workers and restaurant employees do this every day,and nothing happens. Of course the Rubashkins were selected and were Ratted on. These things dont happen every day. 389 employees were RAIDED with Nazi storm trooper efficiency,and you think this was by CHANCE? wake up and smell the coffee. This only happens when the Govt/PETA have an agenda.this has never happened before,and will probably not happen again in the near future.Besides if the govt wants illegal aliens out of the country,then how come it doesnt close the borders? and in closing,is it better now that 389 Ecudoran families are left with no food or electricity,are all going to go on Food Stamps,Welfare,and Medicaid? Yes 2 wrongs dont make 1 right,but look at the re-percussins from this raid.

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