PHOTOS: Five Year Old Receives Ten Million Dollars in Insurance Payments


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rcd.jpgPHOTO LINK BELOW: Thousands say Tehillim for Young Boy from the Mid-West at RCCS Dinner;

In an emotional, tear inducing moment, thousands of attendees at the RCCS Boro Park Dinner recited Tehillim  for Reuvain ben Tova Chaya, a five-year-old boy from the mid-West who was flown in especially for this purpose. Thousands of b’rachos for a refuah shleimoh flowed in earnest as the boy’s father held his little son, in the presence of scores of gedolei Torah.

The young lad is just one of several hundred cancer-stricken recipients of insurance subsidies, sponsored by the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society (RCCS). What stands out most with this patient is that, in the past two years, he has undergone so many treatments, multiple surgeries, as well as a bone marrow transplant in the hope of saving his young life. His father estimates that, as a result of these RCCS subsidies, insurance payments to medical providers in behalf of his son have reached the ten million dollar mark!

Harav Matisyahu Salomon, mashgiach ruchani of Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, delivered an impassioned speech regarding the great mitzvah of helping cancer patients obtain the best medical treatment possible. The Mashgiach was preceded by Reb Hershel Kohn, founder and president of RCCS, who pleaded for partners in this endeavor. In a tear-choked voice, Reb Hershel bemoaned the possibility that for the first time in over ten years, RCCS may have to refuse patients due to lack of funds.

The attendees also heard from the Novominsker Rebbe, nassi hakovod of RCCS, from Rabbi Meilich Firer of Jerusalem, world-renowned medical expert, as well as from several other guest speakers, including a former cancer patient who thanked the assemblage for assisting in his recovery through their support of RCCS.

The chairman of the evening, Rabbi Naftali Weiss, pointed out that today, aside from providing insurance premium subsidies, RCCS has developed into a multi-pronged resource for cancer patients in our community, most notably through its patient advocacy department which represents patients who have been unfairly denied medical benefits by some of the insurance giants.

May all of the tefilos be answered, speedily in our days.

PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. While it is probably not the intent of the authors of the article, this is a very strong argument for some sort of socialized medical care to eliminate the possibility of people, especially children, being denied medical care due to lack of funds.

  2. If you think you want socialized medicine, come look at a Canadian hospital.

    True story: My son was born here. When I got to a bed in the Maternity ward, the nurse asked me where my diapers were. Yep, you have to bring your own.

  3. i underwent a bone marrow transplant under socialized system,my medication costs over 6k monthly paid by the socialized medicine.every case is different but that is the long standing argument between canada,england versus usa
    btw,have a load of kids,never had to bring diapers.and my wife got 10 days for a c-section,in usa they throw you out in 5 days.
    i think we all agree that the best is in usa,i was just saying that it is not all black

  4. Socialized med? I know someone waiting 3 weeks for quituple (5) by-pass!!

    If c’v socialized reaches the US……………….”Al tiftach peh”…..

  5. Rabbosai let’s not forget who runs the world. If socialized medicine comes to the USA so be it. All that will change is our required hishtadlus. The real rofeh cholim is not signing up for socialized medicine, HMO’s, etc and will continue to heal as necessary. Are our British & Canadian brothers & sisters dying at younger ages Chas V’sholom than us Americans??

  6. #7 – in the United States, if you don’t have insurance or money, you often don’t get treated. If the economy chooses not to give a kollel family a big income or insurance, they can’t buy drugs – a rationing system is in effect and we tend to be on the short end of it. If you are treated, you have to turn over all of your assets. At least until the recent crash, medical expenses were the leading cause of bankruptcy.

    America has great medical care if you work for a company that gives great benefits, or you can afford to be uninsured. If America’s (or Israel’s) system work, there would be no charities raising money for people who can’t afford health care.

  7. To the author of the article:

    Why was the boy not being treated otherwise? Is he an illegal alien? Was he ineligible for Medicaid? Do his parents not choose to pay for private health insurance, and why? Did the parents employer not offer health insurance (and in America, our system relies on employer offered health insurance)? The truth is most Americans get such expenses covered without doing fund raising, so a good journalist should explain WHY this was necessary.

  8. 10: you never heard of people who make too much for medical assistance but not enough to pay for insurance? I know so many people like that. Not everyone gets insurance through employers and there are many people who own their own businesses and can’t afford insurance because since they’re making more money they lose all benefits like hud, food stamps, wic, tuition breaks etc. and so they actually bring home the same amount as those whose incomes qualify for MA. most people don’t go around announceing that they can’t afford insurance. This also goes for life insurance. it’s not just rabbeim who can’t afford life insurance. there are lots of “working”people who can’t afford it also because of higher expenses in areas where they can’t receive benefits. B”H for these organizaions who help people in these situations