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PHOTOS: Arson in Church Fire Near the Kinneret

20150617203653Fire investigators and police are probing a fire in a church during the night in Kfar Nachum, not far from the Kinneret. There are reports of damage to a visitor’s room, prayer area and other areas of the church. Five fire apparatus responded to the call which came in at 03:50 on Thursday morning 2 Rosh Chodesh Tammuz.

Investigators saw graffiti on outer walls of the church including “Idol worshippers” leading them to fear arson.

Police Chief Yochanan Danino expressed outrage over the attack which targeted a house of worship. Danino has ordered setting up a special investigating team.

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner Shlita released a statement that such acts are a “serious avreira”.

Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau Shlita condemned the attack and calls on Israel Police to do whatever possible to apprehend those responsible. Rav Lau added such attacks are contrary to moral standards and Jewish values.

Honenu reports police have detained a group of 16 visitors to the Kinneret area and the group leader and his minor son in connection with the fire. Police found them davening on Thursday morning at the kever of Havakuk HaNavi. The tziyun is located on the side of the road heading up the mountain to Tzfas and Meron. A large force of commando police and ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) agents arrived on the scene and they were detained for hours when they contacted Honenu. Honenu attorney Avi Kedar is intervening on their behalf.

The suspects have since been released from custody, albeit with unspecified restrictions.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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