Will You Make It Through The Complete Sefira This Year?


sef.jpgAll too often we don’t make it through the full Sefira with a Brocha because we accidentally miss counting one day. If we only had that daily reminder…….

Well now you can!

At the request of YWN, Help-a-yid set up an easy method to receive a text message or email each day to remind you to count Sefira.

Just fill out the simple form at http://www.helpayid.org/alerts/signup.php?list=sefira&aff=yw to start receiving your daily Sefira reminder!


  1. Another Idea is to buy a magnate to put on the fridge & or door, & just rip off every day as it passes. Also a good tip is to say it a few times through the day , like that you will always be sure you said it.

    Hatlocha Raba!!

  2. Or how about this novel idea. Daven with a minyan every night.
    And don’t tell me “How about making early shabbos”? You can’t get a text(thankfully) on shabbos.

  3. #1 How are you going to convince a magnate to stay in your house to remind you of sefira? Maybe if he is an out-of-work Wall Street Broker…

  4. I sent a request last week and still no response. i jope it’s not a scam. Last year as friend of mine sent in a request also with no response.