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AUDIO: Roshei Yeshiva Shlita Answer Tough Questions At Torah Umesorah Convention

nov1.jpg[YWN EXCLUSIVE AUDIO FILE BELOW] The following audio file was recorded at the recent Torah Umesorah Convention, when questions were publicly asked & answered by the Roshei Yeshiva during the “Facing The Issues” segment of the convention. Approximately one thousand principals, Rabbeyim, and teachers were in attendance.

The Roshei Yeshiva are Rav Avrohom Chaim Levine Shlita (Rosh Yeshiva Telsh Chicago), Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky Shlita (Rosh Yeshiva Philadelphia), Novaminsker Rebbe Shlita (Rosh Yeshiva Novaminsk), & Rav Aron Feldman Shlita (Rosh Yeshiva Ner Yisroel Baltimore).


*Is a Rebbe taking a class out of Yeshiva to play ball in a park Bitul Torah?
*Is our two month summer vacation considered Bitul Torah?
*Should the “Chinuch Round-Table” feature appearing weekly in a prominent “Torah” newspaper be discontinued? (Thunderous applause by audience to discontinue this feature following statement by Rav Aron Feldman Shlita heard at 8:55.)
*Should Bochrim who have poor “Kria skills” be allowed to be a Shliach Tzibur in Yeshiva?

YWN AUDIO FILE: Click HERE to listen to the recording.

26 Responses

  1. # 1: Because it is ridiculous. You have one question, and then half a dozen answers, many of whom contradict one another. How is one supposed to get guidance – pick and choose?? The point is to get clarity, not further confusion!

  2. I disagree, #2. Perhaps there is more than one answer. Perhaps there are different ways to approach a problem. Life is seldom black and white. If a person needs specific guidance, he can ask hi Rav. But certainly the answers give ideas and options.

  3. Between me and you , they all end up giving the same answer in the end, they all word it difefrently.
    The only one who takes a tough position that ussually is different then the others, is Rabbi Neuberger from Bridgeport,

  4. What about when the Yated quote such shkotzim like Jay Leno?

    How about that?

    Outrages that no one says boo.

    And FYI the only rosh yeshiva who stuck up for the paper is the editors UNCLE.

  5. I find it sad that these are the “tough” questions that were asked.

    While the questions posed are legitimate questions, there are far tougher and more important questions that could have been asked when all these prominent Roshei Yeshiva were together. Instead, they were asked the equivalent of softball questions.

    What a wasted opportunity.

    The Wolf

  6. Whoever said the Yated is supported or endorsed by daas torah or any rabbonim? I don’t even think the Yated claims or prints any rabbonim’s names as their supporters or daas torah.

    They print their own baal habatishe opinions.

  7. The Novominsker Rebbe absolutley “schooled” the Telzer R’Y.

    Who is he fooling by saying “in the better Yeshivois the question is not nogeya to take off an afternoon to play in the park”. Is he kidding?? EVERYONE needs it. Do you want to chase boys away from Yiddishkayt by stiffiling them?

    Kudos to the Novominsker!

  8. # 1: Because it is ridiculous. You have one question, and then half a dozen answers, many of whom contradict one another. How is one supposed to get guidance – pick and choose?? The point is to get clarity, not further confusion!

    I guess you are apt to throw the baby out with the bath water. THIS IS TRUE LIFE as the discussions of the gemorah prove, ‘different strokes for different folks’ -there is no completely right or completely wrong answer. Can a principal in Minnesota have the same answers to questions as a principal in NY or Monsey? & if they did if would be totally useless to read or include the suggestions in a paper.

    There is one menahal that continuously answers in an angry accusatory tone, best to send him for a short vacation and invite a replacement.

  9. Personally, when I’m looking for advice on a matter, I *like* to get a wide variety of opinions which I can then evaluate and further investigate. I’d hate to get a “there is only one way” answer to a question that obviously has more than one correct answer.

    The Wolf

  10. When looking at the Chinuch Roundtable if you are going to take the advice as Halocha L’Moshe M’Sinai then you are nuts. The point is to give you an idea if you are “right” or “wrong” and if so if there is a shalya you have to ask your daas torah. Anyone who has a major shayala and paskens from that column is out of their box!

  11. Perhaps parents should be taught that there are no ABSOLUTE answers to questions. Diversity is the spice of life, there is much to be learned from these prominent mechanchim.

  12. #8,

    What do you have against Jay Leno? He’s a great american hero, cheering people up on the gloomiest of days. Pick on someone who doesn’t have the zchus of making people happy for a living.

  13. #16

    The paper claims that Rav Shach started it, and was under the direct guidance of Rav Elya Svei for many years (both highly questionable…)

    But let’s assume that it’s true for a moment. Just to fantasize a little.

    Are you implying that these two gedolim would have approved the paper to quote Jay Leno in the paper? To idolize Rush Limbaugh?

    Please cut the garbage.

  14. I don’t get it. HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky is obviously very against it. Last I checked, the editor of the paper and at least two of the panelists in the roundtable are Philadelphia talmidim (one is even his nephew).

    Why don’t they stop it if their Rebbe is against it? Someone help me understand.

    BTW, I must admit it is my favorite part of the paper. I am sorry to admit that knowing that Mori V’Rabi is against it.

  15. #18,

    Why would any Godol start up a newspaper? Where is the torah and mitzvoh’s inherent in the process for them to start up something that is not primarily limid hatorah? You yourself question it. But lets play ball, and suppose they did start it, are they actively participating in the editorship? Are they partaking of the profits? If so, then why would they object to Jay Leno’s humor? Humor is humor and if its clean, let the world laugh a little. Jay doesn’t have to apologize for being a gentile. If some of his jokes offend you he shouldn’t have to apologize for it. He’s not Jewish. In any case, if a person is reading a newspaper and not a sefer, he’s not learning anyway, so why can’t there be an occasional joke in there with someone like Jay Leno being the mechaber of the humor?

    You want to be too farfrumpt to know of Jay Leno but somehow I think that ship has sailed already.

  16. I start by letting you know I have not had the chance yet to listen to the audio but after seeing the comments now for the first time today I wanted to share something with my fellow YWN readers.

    If anyone is interested – the real reason why the question about the Chinuch Roundtable was discussed (Based on information obtained from a few of the Rabbeim who asked the question)was due to the following:

    Many Rabbeim in Yeshivos around the country as well as Moros in Bais Yaakovs and many of the Menahalim and Principals are finding that parents (and unfortunately at times even the students themselves) are coming into the class or office “waving that Yated” saying “see I was right!!! Even Rabbi so and so who writes for the Yated says I am so how dare you say……..”

    The feeling amongst our Mechanchim is that they are up against an unfair playing field. The questions posed in the Yated are general ones. Each child and each circumstance is different so having this type of a forum makes it difficult for Rabbeim and Hanhalos to react, respond and deal with their situation the way they feel is best. Rather they have to “follow” the Yated’s answers.

    Just sharing a fact with you.

    Now, to all my fellow commenters: Please don’t bark at me. What I just wrote is something I am aware of I wanted to share to shed some light on the issue. It is NOT my opinion. It is not my personal musings it is simply sharing with you what a few Rabbeim told me was the reason for the question.

  17. #9 I agree with you. I am in chinuch for many years and if these are the questions being asked, then it is truly understandable why we are in such a crisis in the yeshiva world in reaching our students.

  18. This letter sent to the Yated:

    Rabbi Lipshitz,

    Please dont stop the Chinuch Roundtable over some people who take it too seriously. 99.44% of your readers realize that the questions are GENERAL and cannot be used in specific cases. They also realize that the rabonim answering dont “know” the people asking and they are answering the questions in general.

    Its too bad some tipshim out there have to ruin things for the people who use their G-d given brains.


  19. It is so sad that people have nothing to do but to argue about such petty matters. Is this what chinuch has come to that at a time when mechanchim can ask the Gedolim questions about Chinuch, they ask something as petty as is the roundtable good? Any rebbi or principal who can’t handle a child or parent who uses the roundtable as a source to question a rebbi’s or principal’s decision is not fit for the job. Every mechanach who clapped their dirty hands when the response was given at the session should be ashamed of themselves.

  20. why do people ask advice about serious personal issues from people who don’t know you!!
    If you had health issues would you call a Dr. anny. and say your symptoms over the phone for a few seconds and let him give you a diagnosis!!
    All these questions and issues are so personal and indvidual.
    I can’t stand this one size fits all atitude.

    IN some schools ball playing is a must, in some it might not be, for some classes need more, some less. There is no standard Chanoch lnaar aL pi darcho- means indviduality- not one size fits all

  21. dear ywn,
    the clip isnt working as it stops after a few mins. please fix it. i havent heard it yet. can you please email me when it is fixed or with a link to listen? thanks!

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