VIDEO: Fire in Pine Tree Bungalow Colony


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mfd.jpg3:30PM EST: [VIDEO LINK BELOW] The Monticello FD is currently on the scene of a working structure fire in Pine Tree Bungalow Colony – located on Route 42 South.

Sources tell YWN that the fire is burning in two bungalows – both vacant at this time, Boruch Hashem.

Unfortunately, the occupants had brought up all their belongings for the upcoming summer vacation.

Mutual Aid has been requested by the Monticello FD in battling the blaze.

UPDATE: The fire has been brought under control after totally destroying two bungalows (attached to each other).

VIDEO LINK: Click HERE for video.

(YWN Sullivan County News Team 2009)


  1. just to pass along some facts…this bungalow was 2 units attached….only one of the families had all their belongings there. i know this because i was renting one of those bungalows and my stuff isnt there. b”h noone was hurt. mi kamcha yisrael!