3:00PM IL: Violent Protests Continue in Yerushalayim


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7111.jpgShabbos may have ended in Yerushalayim but the violence may just be beginning.
Violence is being reported in the �Meah Shearim and Geula areas� as Yechezkel Street, a main thoroughfare, is closed to vehicular traffic as a result. Garbage receptacles are burning at the corner of Ezra Street and Yechezkel and it appears the violence is spilling down to Shmuel HaNavi Street.

Police and fire officials are responding as the afternoon is heating up. We are now receiving reports that riots are renewing at Kikar Shabbos about the same time that 12 Kol Torah students are released by the Jerusalem court.

Black acrid smoke is rapidly filling the Kikar Shabbos area and it is obvious many residents and shoppers are angry over the destruction and the smoke that is resulting, tarnishing the area and posing respiratory difficulties to the elderly and infirmed. Some youths however are pleased with the site, applauding the actions and encouraging more law-breaking activities.

Buses are all rerouted, resulting in significant delays and hardship for many commuters.
In the meantime, the Kol Torah Yeshiva bochrim released were dancing as they left the court. Others are not signing release forms, reportedly due to the restrictions demanded by police. As a result, the proceedings are being held up.

There are shouts against police for forbidding the detainees from making havdalah or receiving tefillin.
Rav Aaron Davidovitch appears to be telling the detainees they have nothing to lose by placing their fate in front of the court rather than signing to agree to police demands. The close to 60 people are now demanding to enter the courtroom, resulting in more than a bit of confusion and bringing the judicial system to a halt. Most members of the media are not being permitted to enter due to the unexpected mayhem that is taking place.

Additional updates will be provided as information becomes available from Meah Shearim, Shmuel HaNavi and the Jerusalem courthouse.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Wat a terrible chillul Hashem. i’m terribly appalled at this monstrous behavior and hope all those frummies will be brought to proper justice. there should be zero tolerance and zero sympathy for law breakers. This is not the way to protest. Harav Yosef Chaim Zonnenfeld would protest quietly by saying Tehillim next to the chillul shabbos and thus succeed in his mission. The same should be implemented here.

  2. Cause when they dnt listen when we ask nicely we must step up our tactics the same way u frst talk to you’re child and than hit so to here!!!!

  3. #s 1 and 2

    The biggest Chilul Hashem is the one being perpetrated against our holy Shabbos by people of small faith who would love to see the holy city become another NY or Paris.

    These complacent Jews who all of a sudden react indignantly whenever Am Yisroel stands up for one of its most precious possessions in its holiest site and speak in a degrading manner of those who fight this noble battle are unfortunately out of touch with Torah at best and partners to crime at worst.

  4. #4&5,very unintelligent remarks,firstly,#4,that sounds like me in kindergarten,IOW, not an excuse.
    #5, undoubtedly the gedolim did call for a protest yet where did they mention Violence?