Poll Shows Shrinking Lead For Chris Christie vs. Gov. Jon Corzine


nje.jpgNew Jersey – Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie has a seven-point lead vs. Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine, 46 percent to 39 percent, according to a Rasmussen poll released Wednesday. A similar poll conducted in June showed Christie with a 13-point lead.

When pressed to commit to a candidate, most voters who are undecided said they were leaning towards Christie, the poll found. When these voters are included, Christie’s lead grows to 12 points, 53 percent to 41 percent.

By a 55 percent to 32 percent margin, voters say they trust Christie more than Corzine on taxes, the poll reported. The gap is similar on the topic of cutting government spending: 54 percent trust Christie more while 29 percent trust Corzine.

On the question of cutting government corruption, Christie, a former federal prosecutor, has a 57 percent to 28 percent advantage. On all three topics, Christie has a slightly larger edge than he did a month ago.

(Source: NJ Star Ledger)


  1. “….laugh about it, talk about it, when you have to choose; any way you look at it you lose……where have you gone Joe Dimaggio…….”

  2. theres really no major different s between the two both are political hacks, if it would be Lonegan that would be another story, i’d be excited to vote now i dont care one way or the other