Lakewood Cheder & Bais Faiga Hires New Executive Director


bf8.jpgYWN has learned that the Lakewood Cheder/ Bais Faiga has hired R’ Yossi Posen as the new Executive Director of the Mosdos. He is the past Executive Director of Yeshiva Tiferes Torah (YTT) and former Rosh Yeshiva of Bradley Beach Yeshiva – and brings with him over 20 years of Chinuch experience.

He will be filling the position of Rabbi Boruch Manes, the long-time Executive Director of the Mosdos, who has just retired.

The leadership of Rabbi Boruch Manes will be dearly missed by the Lakewood Tzibur, and the community wishes him much Hatzlacha in his future endeavours.

The Lakewood Cheder & Bais Faiga Girls School total well over 3,500 children.

(YWN-41 / Lakewood Desk)


  1. U’Re’ei Vanim L’Vanecha Shalom Al Yisroel.

    Rav Boruch, hatzlachah rabbah! And a tremendous yasher koach for following the Torah way of Darchei Noam. May you and your family have shalom and shalva for the rest of your lives. You made a kiddush hashem and your actions should be emulated.

    My fervent tefillah is that Hashem should guide all those who have the opportunity to pursue shalom, should pursue it. Hashem will make things work out better for all of you.

  2. Hey YTT thers an ausom executive directer looking for a job Reb Baruch Manes N”Y he comes with years of outstanding sevrice deication that goes to the point of mesiras nefesh skills in this area that are second to none he will expand your mosed ten fold makesure the children have wgat they need make sure the rabbeim are treated like the chashuvim they are and to beat will do it all on a shoe string budget with out a word of complaint and not expecting a thankyou at the least
    lucky is the mosed that will be blessed enough to have this true keli kodesh work for them
    Ashrecha Reb Baruch and much hatzlocha to you

  3. Thank you Rabbi Manies for a job well done. You turned a fledgling struggling School into a Mossad par excellence. The Cheder is the first school that schools look at when they want to establish a Derech for their school.
    Rabbi Manies always tried his best to do what was right for the Mossad even when that was a cause of Agmas Nefesh for himself.
    I, & am sure all the parents wish him an abundance of Brocha & Hatzlocha in his future endeavors.

  4. R’ Boruch,
    We will miss you sorely.

    I once met him on Erev Yom Kippur. I said, “Rabbi Manes, Bais Faiga is a great mosad.” He replied, “It’s not me, it’s the teachers!”

    He’s not one to take credit for himself, he just does what has to get done & then mives on to the next thing.

    Rabbi Posen is a “Tayireh Yid” who is also Kulo L’shem Shamayim. I’m sure he’ll do a great job.