PHOTOS: Misaskim Says Thank-You to Emergency Personnel


msi.jpg[Click HERE for photos] The Misaskim organization, which needs no introduction, held an appreciation BBQ on Tuesday evening. The event was held at the Sullivan County Airport, and was attended by over 100 law enforcement personnel and emergency agencies from Sullivan & Ulster Counties.

Misaskim publicly thanked the gathered personnel for always being there on behalf of the community. Most recently, Misaskim worked hand-in-hand with numerous agencies gathered, especially the counties coroners, in three recent tragedies; The sudden death of R’ Yossi Leibowitz Z”L; the tragic death of HaBochur Yeshaya Dov Eckstein Z”L, and the sudden death of 8-year-old Tzvi Kirzner just yesterday morning.

In all three incidents, local officials assisted Misaskim in expediting the process of releasing the Niftarim in record times.

Following a thank-you speech by Misaskim, Rabbi Bernard Freiliech (Special Assistant to the NYSP Superintendent) addressed the gathering, as well as Catskills Hatzolah Coordinator Mr. Bernie Gibs, Dick Martinkovich (Sullivan County Office of Emergency Management), NYSP Captain Cahil (Troop F Liberty), Jodi Goodman (Sullivan County Legislator & Catskill Regional Medical Center), Sullivan County Sheriff Mike Schiff, Liberty Police Chief Robert J Mir and others. Over and over, the speakers all expressed their thanks to Misaskim for always being there on behalf of the community.

Attending the BBQ were representatives from, NYSP, NYS-DEC, Sullivan County Sheriff, Ulster County Sheriff. NYC-DEP, Forest Rangers, Monticello PD, Fallsburg PD, Liberty PD, Ellenville PD, Sullivan County Coroner, Ulster County Coroner, Catskill Regional Medical Center, Lifenet 75 (medevac), Sullivan County Office Emergency Management, Sullivan County 911, Mobilmedics, all Catskills Hatzolah Coordinators, and approx 25 fire departments and numerous ems personnel from Sullivan and Ulster Counties were there.

Misaskim is fully equipped to handle any situation which should chas veshalom arise in upstate NY, not just in the summer months, but all year round.

(Dov Gordon – YWN)