Valley National Bank Opens Boro Park Location – Has Mezuzahs Hung


369.jpgToday August 5, 2009 Valley National Bank celebrated the grand opening another branch. The latest branch to open , is in the heart of Boro Park, on the corner of 13th Avenue and 45th Street.

To keep with the Jewish tradition of hanging Mezuzahs on the door posts, Rabbi Elchanan Hamada was called down to put the Mezuzahs up with the proper blessing.

Rabbi Hamada explained to the staff the significance of the Jewish ritual and then proceeded to hanging them on the door posts.

Click HERE for photos.


  1. Rabbi Hamada is my Rav and is a very big posuk. If he put up the Mezuzah with a bracha I’m sure it is in strict accordance with halachah.

  2. That’s what Boro Park ir hakodesh needs, another bank. Why is it that they have more banks per block than any where else in the US? Oy, if those mezuzos could talk.

  3. Given relatively low internet usage among Hareidim, it is reasonable for a bank to open a physical branch in a frum neighborhood to handle transactions that most Americans conduct online.

  4. Harav Hagaon Elchanan Hamada Shlita is a well know Rav, Poisek, Askin and Radio Personality. He is an Einakel by Rav Yaakov Zakheim Z”L is married to the grandaugther of Rav Avigdor Miller Z”L. It is a special honor for Valley National Bank to have him put up the mezuzah and it will bring them much hatzlacha!!!