2nd Activity At Satmar Camp: Anti-Israel Protest


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scp.jpgThe following is a Times Herald Record article:

Napanoch, NY – Clashes between ultra-Orthodox Jewish protesters and police in Jerusalem are prompting sympathy protests in this country, including one Monday afternoon on Sportsman’s Road.

An estimated 2,000 rabbis and Jewish students took part in the protest, chanting slogans such as, “Israeli government, shame on you.”

The original protests in Jerusalem began over the opening of a city parking lot on the Jewish Sabbath in June, under the order of Mayor Nir Barkat.

Monday’s Napanoch protest drew many from New York City and other locations outside the mid-Hudson. They say protesters in Jerusalem are being beaten by police for standing up for their religion.

That does not happen in America, said Rabbi Bernat Krause, one of the protesters.

“We are fortunate to be living in this country, where we have freedom of religion,” Krause said during the rally, which was followed by a brief march to a synagogue up the road. “It is the opposite in Israel.”

The local protesters stressed their solidarity with those who have been protesting in Israel.

“We will march in every city in the world,” vowed Rabbi David Rose.

(Source: recordonline.com)


  1. This is a chilul Hashem. If we have differences we deal with them B’stunyah (in Private). All these protestors and self hating “jews” have done is give ammunition to those who would allow the killers of jews to have a free pass.

  2. They should be ashamed of themselves. Such chillul Hashem..

    How could they say that with all the Torah learning that goes on here?? Shame!

    The chassidim in Meah Shearim are LUCKY to live in a country that respects their living there and does not make them pay taxes for the services that they DO use.. and that they are not being made to pay for the damage that the protest has caused.
    They don’t pay taxes and expect to be treated like any other citizen of the country????
    They use the hospitals, doctors and the works even if they do pay private..
    There is freedom of religion EY..
    This is a religion on it’s own.. not sure if it’s judaism. it’s a religion that is the anti-zionist religion.

  3. There is PLENTY of fault to be found with the pathetic excuse for a “government” that exists in Israel, BUT – we should NOT be “washing our dirty laundry in public”!

  4. went to the link from recordonline.com and looked at the original story. There are 15 comments every single one is saying how bad the jews are. How they don’t obey the laws. Want everything for nothing etc. Several of them a lot worse. This is a terible Chilil Hashem!

  5. I hate to break it guys but there were times that Gedolei Yisroel felt the need to demonstrate against the state of israel. Yes even here in the U.S.. Go back in history about 40 yrs ago to the times of the gzeiros of giyus banos and nituchei meisim. And it wasn’t just the Satmar Rav (who every chareidi Manhig held was from the Gedolai HaDor even if they disagreed with some of his shitos) but included the Brisker Rav, R’ Ahron Kotler, R’ Moshe Feinstein among others. That’s not to say that this particular issue is one that warrants it but it is wrong to make blanket statements like the ones above.
    One more comment, if I may. I do not recall anyone having a problem with “displaying our dirty laundry” during the U.S. protests over the disengagement.

  6. to LAKWOODR….. you are so funny….. the AMERICAN govt was pushing Israel for the disengagement…we were protesting the US AND Isreali govt then. This issue has nothing to do with the US government

  7. #2 frum? For your information, the chassidim in Meah Shearim pay taxes like everyone else in Israel. The only difference is, that they do not take any money from the secular government. Now wash your mouth with soap from all the lashon hara you spoke and do tshuva. It’s Chodesh Elul, you know?

  8. To “lakwoodr” #6, you wrote “I do not recall anyone having a problem with “displaying our dirty laundry” during the U.S. protests over the disengagement.” Those protests were of a political nature, protesting the government’s policy about a political issue. They were NOT about Yiddishkeit, NOT about a religious issue. They were NOT saying that the (supposedly Jewish) government is against Judaism. It may well be that there ARE times when the government does things that ARE against Torah, against halacha, against Jewish Hashkafas, but protest against THESE things should NOT be done publicly, at least not in galus, where the anti-semites will kvell from it and it creates a huge chilul HaSh-m!

  9. #6- It just seems that Satmar today is literally out to get the State of Israel and will do anything they can to bring it down.. as if it’s a mitzva..
    Honestly, what gets me is that they think that they are holier than Gedolim like R’Kanievsky and the like and put them all in the same category as the secular zionists.

  10. This is an absolute OUTRAGE! Who do these people think they are? What a tremendous Chillul Hashem! Here’s an idea for these protesters: Pick an issue that bothers you here in the USA (there has to be one today!!), Go to midtown Manhattan, yell about it, lay down in the street & throw sones at some cops and call them Nazis. See how nicely you will be treated! Then, when you are done with that, Go back to Yerushalayim and try to demonstrate for Kovod Shabbos by just having a peaceful minyan for Kabbalas Shabbos. I guarantee you will accomplish a thousand times more!

  11. #6, we are all “brothers” in this fight against Kovod Shabbos but this isn’t the way to do things, its Elul and the way to go about it is by learning and teaching children that peacefull demonstrating is the way not by supporting wild rallys and hefkerus.

  12. #7: The demonstrations opposing the disengagement were against the Israeli goverment not the US. And if you remember it wa NOT the US that pushed the Israelis into it at all. Kind of the opposite.
    #10 & #13: As I said in my original post there were plenty of protests here in the US that were RELIGOUS in nature that were well attended by Gedolim of all Chareidi sects. I mentioned two of them. And if you listen to the tapes of the demonstrations they were pretty much decrying how anti-religous the State of Israel is.
    I repeat. I am NOT saying this particular issue is one that should be protested in the US but there is nothing wrong when doing so when the Gedolei Yisroel DO say it is right. I would assume they rather than us can properly estimate what is a greater חילול שם שמים, religous sacrilege by our own people and frum jews sitting idly by or letting our pain over חילול הקודש being heard.
    ווען עס טוט ויי שרייט מען!!!
    I just brough up the Gaza disengagement to bring out the point that every person has his beliefs that bother them enough to go out and cry out.

  13. #9.. do you say ” Lshana Haba b’yerushalayim ” at the end of your sedarim????

    ALL jews are zionists!!! We just don’t hold that the STATE of Israel is Torahdick!!!!!!!


    Gedolei yisroel like R’ Shteineman , R’ Kanievsky etc. would TOTALLY DISAGREE with you..

    You ppl remind me of the part of shemone esrei that starts ..” V’Lamalshinim””.. Where even those among us who try to destroy us get davened for..


  14. #6 said “I do not recall anyone having a problem with “displaying our dirty laundry” during the U.S. protests over the disengagement.”

    Beautiful point!!

    We are obligated to protest the name of Judaism by the secular Israeli State.

    #8 is correct. The frum pay taxes to that state, but refuse to accept its services.

    The blood of Torah Jews is not cheap! We MUST protest the Israeli government/police beatings of innocent bystanders and protesters in Yerushlayim.