Gas Industry Prepares To Drill In Sullivan County


drilling.jpgAfter delaying drilling of the gas-rich shale beneath Sullivan County for much of the year, the industry is ready to resume leasing land once the state’s new environmental standards are released, perhaps as early as next month. Drilling of the Marcellus shale could start in the spring.

“We’ll do it and we’re looking to do it, once the regulatory hurdles are cleared. Then the permits will flow,” said Brad Gill, executive director of the Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York.

One reason for the renewed push is Gov. David Paterson’s recent inclusion of gas drilling of the Marcellus shale — potentially the country’s largest natural-gas reserve — in his draft energy plan. The economic downturn, which meant record-low natural-gas prices and a tight credit market, now makes the need for gas money greater than ever.

“Natural-gas extraction would create jobs, create wealth for upstate land owners and increase state revenue from taxes and landowner leases and royalties,” said Paterson’s plan, which calls for exploration of natural gas on some state lands.

Gas companies welcome the endorsement, to the dismay of many who fear pollution of Sullivan’s waterways, fields and forests.

(Source: Times Herald Record)


  1. Now that is using your noodle. Just watch the Saudi funded enviromentalist wackos start calling for boycotts of the bungalow colonies and camps that supposedly will be supported by this.

  2. this is not something new . twenty five to thirty years ago i was reading in one of the local newspapers that oil companies were trying to buy oil and gas rights along the hudson river.

  3. charliehall, there was a report in the Yated Ne’eman a while back that all of the enviromentalist groups get funding from various foundations which are funded directly from the Saudies or Yemenis or Omanis, etc. Do the research and you will see.

  4. We need “environmentalist wackos” to maintain balance so the “privileged profit pilferers” dont destroy what is not theirs to begin with, leaving a dangerous, accident-prone, and toxic situation for all living things. Also, I have not read about any environmentalist connections to Saudi Arabia. Environmentalists care about things, the Saudis only care about money and doing evil.