YWN Exclusive: Our ’09 Election Winners & Losers!


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ywe2.jpgWe at Yeshiva World surveyed several of the top community leaders and political experts last night at the various political parties to compile a quick list of winners and losers as a result of yesterdays elections. Below are the top responses that we got from those leaders and experts.
Have your own suggestions? Please, write them in!

1. Orthodox Jews – We finally turned out in big numbers and MADE a Mayor in the process.
2. Rudy Giuliani – If he wants to run for governor, he’s got a great base in the Jewish community.
3. Simcha Felder – Three of his staffers worked on getting out the Jewish vote. Combined with Simcha’s endorsement, the mayor won the Jews. Expect Simcha to move up to Commissioner or Deputy Mayor very soon
4. TEACH NYS – This four-year old grassroots group, led by political strategist David Greenfield, spent $100k to accomplish what no one else has: they convinced Jews to vote – in record numbers.
5. Howard Koppel – The new macher of the Five Towns. This Orthodox Jewish Republican beat the incumbent and in the process flipped control of the county legislature from Democrat to Republican.

1. Barak Obama – O’s policies lost Virginia & New Jersey for Democrats. He may actually be a one term President.
2. Hamodia – They pushed so hard for Thompson that they even used the “s” word. No matter. Their readers voted for Bloomberg anyways.
3. Dov Hikind – There’s no question now. Hikind’s endorsement is worthless. His candidates for council (Lander), comptroller (Liu) and mayor (Thompson) all lost his assembly district by 3-1 (or greater) margins this year.
4. Anthony Weiner – Kicking himself. Hard. Lost his only opportunity to become Mayor of New York – by not running.
5. Vaad of Lakewood – Not only did they back the losing candidate for Governor, the community ignored their suggestions.

(Compiled by: Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN)


  1. I dont live in Jersey and had nothing to do with this vote, but I find it disrespectful to put any Vaad Harabanim in the “losers” section of anything. Especially considering they consulted with Rav Shteiman. Where is yeshiva world’s kavod hatorah???! This is not the NY Post. Please take them off the list.

  2. I am a reader of the Hamodia and VOTED FOR THOMPSON!
    Hold on to your wallets as Bloomberg will raise everything since he is now a lame duck mayor!

  3. #9- if you dont live in nj, please dont comment.
    this is not a vaad “horabbonim” at all.
    it’s a few baalei batim, who agav, all have major personal interests in the town such as real estate etc.

  4. #8 The vaad in Lakewood is not made up of a vaad “harabanim”, it is made up of working individuals who have their own interest in mind.

    How about all the other Lakewood rabanim who said that you should vote for Christie. That is kovod hatorah!

    The vaad dug their own grave & now are worthless.

    I believe a new vaad should be “elected” & include individuals of all types who have only the public’s interest in mind.

  5. I too am an avid Hamodia reader, and also voted for Thompson. I don’t recall ever seeing Hamodia endorsing Thompson. I don’t see how this election has any reflection on Hamodia.
    Actually, the real loser will be the Yated (which I also read), as soon as Bloombergs pulls the plug on the Prioty7 funds.

    I voted for Thompson only as a anti-Bloomberg vote. Bloomberg has raised our taxes (water, sewer, real estate, parking tickets, etc) to unreal and unacceptable levels. I doubt that he will get the voters message due his huge ego.
    Be prepared to look for somewhere else to live, as the rich and the upper middle-class leave the city, and leave us to fund the unions, bloated gov’t, and the illegal immigrants.
    You voted for Bloomberg – so you can stay here and pay.

  6. The Hamodia never supported Thompson, in fact Bloomberg even met with the Hamodia, while they didn’t give him an official endorsement they definately were with him.

  7. #16. I agree. elections for a new vaad NOW.
    No more bullying.

    We the people of lakweood want a community-wide election for a vaad now. And if we don’t get it soon, we are making our own vaad. and guarantee it will take off like wildfire.

    lakewood has 50,000 frum people in it. more than half no longer belong to bmg. there is skver, satmar, stolin, syrians, sefardim, klausenberg, modern orthodox and everyone else.


  8. i used to read hamodia. but im fed up and had enough.
    i cancelled my subscribtion and encourage everyone else to do the sme.

    go pinny and yated!

  9. 21. get your facts straight. bloomberg simply went there to “shut them up”.

    this is pure fact.

    go verify it with anyone “in the know”.

    they were out of control in their behavior, and the campaign simply went to put a stop to it.

    bloomberg never visited any media outlet unless there was an endorsement. there was none given here, but it was done to sush them up

  10. Rabbi levin is a winner.

    He didn’t sell his soul for a mess of pottage.
    When you speak Torah Truth, you’re always a winner with the only One who really counts–HaKoDosh, BoRuch Hu!

  11. Does YWN have the figures on turnout in our communities in the NY elections. As mentioned in the article, we voted in record numbers (which I myself noticed when going to vote, there were a lot more people than usual).

    Any hard numbers available comparing this election turnout to others? Thanks.

  12. Just curious. Who said that just because Hamodia had an opt-ed against Blumberg that they really didn’t like him? Besides all this name calling about Frum Jews is unfortunately straight out Loshon Hora and more likely Motzai Shem Ra.

  13. sorry, I don’t consider Bloomberg a winner at all.
    An incumbent mayor spending 120 million plus running against a weak candidate, & winning by such a thin margin. I for one, did not vote for his arrogance. He is a heartless self centered creature that raised property taxes by 85% & all his policies are as liberal as they come.

    Yes, the NY23 Independents lost the election but it was so close. They were not sure who won until much later. The Democrat there is more right-wing than the republican that dropped out. The independents showed that a third party can make a difference as they almost won. Shows the world that you cant run by political parties but by ideas! America- watch out for 2010!! Oh, and NY 23 will only be in power until next year anyways- he is up for reelection then. Go Hoffman 2010!!!

  15. #29- just because 60% said it was state politics that decided their vote doesnt mean anything regarding Obama. Obama campaigned so heavily there thinking his face would bring more voters. So he lost there. Plus, IT IS A LOCAL OFFICE- duh! local politics should be on their mind! Obama lost when he wasnt even running- everyone knows it. may he lose the next elections as well.

  16. charliehall,

    incorrect as usual!

    The looser there was the local “republican” party for putting up an emesdika lib like scarfafuba or whatever her name was which is why the Conservative Party put up Hoffman. He had 30 days and lost by a very small amount especially after scarfafuba pulled her garbage. The Donkey canditate wont have time to do anything becuse he is up for re-election in a few months when the primaries roll around. Dont forget, it was a ONE YEAR election because they are all up again in 2010.

  17. From #18: “Be prepared to look for somewhere else to live, as the rich and the upper middle-class leave the city, and leave us to fund the unions, bloated gov’t, and the illegal immigrants.”

    May I recommend Haifa?

  18. charliehall,

    I dont care what her name was. They chose her WITHOUT a primary and she was in ways, more liberal than the liberal. Once again they failied to realize the Republican party doesnt do well when they go Democrat Lite because there is not much of a difference between the Dem and the Repulican. They need to stay with their Conservative values to be anything.

    I guarantee you if CHAS V’SHOLOM there is a vote on healthcare, it will LOSE big time! So many of the C’men are scared stiff that they will be out of office.

  19. This Dede Whatshername was no “moderate”. She supports card check, abortion, tax increases, Obama’s “stimulus”, and his health “reforms”; she was on the board of Planned Parenthood and received the Margaret Sanger award; she’s involved with the Working Families Party, which is the NY branch of ACORN; she called the cops to harass that journalist. She’s not just a RINO, she’s a DIABLO, a Democrat In All But Label Only. The fact that the local party heads conspired to give her the nomination, and expected the rubes to accept that decision, illustrates exactly what’s wrong with the GOP, and what the tea party movement is all about. This is precisely why so many conservatives stayed home in 2006 and let the Democrats take over Congress, and why McCain was heading for a landslide defeat until he picked Palin.

    The left are now spinning the US-23 race as if this Dede woman were a “moderate”, who was rejected because of her views on abortion and gays. That’s a load of nonsense, because the first national player to endorse Hoffman was the Club For Growth, which doesn’t give a dam about social issues. It was the CFG endorsement that brought Fred Thompson, Sarah Palin, and Dick Armey into the race; and none of them are known for putting a high priority on social issues either. CFG only cares about smaller government and economic liberty, and so long as a candidate supports those things they don’t even ask him what he thinks about issues that aren’t relevant to the economy. They rejected this Dede because she supports big government, high taxes, high spending, and a high government burden on people’s economic activities. That’s it. And that is no “moderate”, that is a leftist. Until the GOP learns that it can’t foist such candidates on us any more, and expect us to hold our noses and vote for them, it doesn’t deserve to win elections.