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VIDEO & PHOTOS: Israeli Navy Intercepts Ship Loaded With 500 Tons Of Weapons

idfs.jpgPHOTO & VIDEO LINK BELOW: As YWN Israel has been reporting, a special Israeli Navy force intercepted and boarded a ship 100 miles off the coast of Israel. The ship, carrying the flag of Antigua, was carrying 500 tons of weapons in civilian disguise. According to the IDF, the amount of weapons found is 10 times larger than the Karin A ship intercepted in January 2002.

The video link below shows the commandos boarding the ship & searching for weapons, and has the IDF unloading the goods in the Port of Ashdod. 

YWN VIDEO & PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for video & HERE for photos.

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  1. #4, These are all separate issues. The State of Israel is not a person, it actually consists of many people, where those in charge of security might do a good job and those in charge of justice will not. Then, within security or justice, you can have those who do a good job and those who don’t. The story of the Meah Sheorim woman has taken on a life of its own, and doesn’t tell us anything about Israeli know how in knocking out a nuclear sites. The people who give Israel that capability might very well be sophisticated chareidi Jews.

  2. Agreed to #5. However this interception story does show that Hashem Levado is always watching EY. Which means that as far as Hashem is concerned we are all ONE unit, and you can day that Hashem is constantly weighing the pros and cons of all are Collective Zechusim, also including the political scenarios. Kol Yisroel Aravim Zeh Lzeh.

  3. I cannot agree with you any more. Regardless where one stands with hashkofeh the amount of Torah learned in Eretz Yisroel, is more then in the entire chutz le’oretz combined. There is no question that the number of tzadikim, talmidei chachoim and ovdei Hashem in Eretz Yisroel gives it gevaldiga zechusim, including hopefully the geulah sheleimeh bimheroh beyomeinu omain.

  4. The story is really a bluff story. Why did they release the ship today? How could a ship filled with so much weaponry have a crew that didn’t know about it? And how could a ship with that much weaponry not even have a weapon to protect itself? And if it really carried arms, why didn’t they just disable it by bombing from sea or air? The whole story is very fishy…….

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