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Holocaust Museum Shooter Dies

vb.jpgThe accused Holocaust museum shooter has died in a prison hospital, according to public defender A.J. Kramer.

James von Brunn, a white supremacist, was shot once behind the right ear by a museum guard after von Brunn entered the museum and allegedly shot and killed another guard.

Von Brunn, who was 89 at the time of the shooting, did not appear in court for months because of his injuries. When he finally did, in September, he was in a wheelchair. Von Brunn’s attorney has said he had trouble hearing and speaking as a result of being shot and was not able to walk.

The white supremacist was receiving treatments at Butner Federal Medical Center in Butner, N.C. His medical conditions had kept him from court proceedings.

The next hearing in his case was set for Jan. 26.

(Source: NBC Washington)

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  1. Since this thug is dead, you don’t have to add that silly “alleged” anymore. He won’t sue you from the land down under.

  2. Its refreshing to see that so far nobody posted some sanctimonious drivel about how we shouldnt rejoice at his desmise just because he was an antisemite!

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