Security Concerns at Chabad House in Mumbai


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chabad.jpgThe Chabad house in Mumbai has received a threatening letter, a letter containing a photo of Adolf Hitler yemach shmo v’zichro.

According to reports, the letter stated “Israel is dogs”, vowing to strike again, signing off “heil Hitler. The letter stated another terrorist attack is planned.

It was about a year ago when terrorists targeted the Chabad house, claiming the lives of the shluchim, Rav Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg HY”D and a number of others HY”D.

Despite the massive attack in Mumbai, the family of the victims and the Chabad shluchim have undertaken to maintain a presence in Mumbai and to continue the work that was the live of the victims.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. @minkymalka What a foolish thing to say. Maybe all the jews should leave NY because we had a terror attack on the WTC… Oh and maybe we should all leave Israel because we are killed daily… THINK!!