Chabad Rabbi Calls For Cheirim Against Fanatic Meshichist Who Eats On Fast Days & Abolished Tachnun


Rabbi Gedalyah Axelrod, viewed as a prominent personality among rabbanei Chabad in Eretz Yisrael, and rav of the Chabad community in Haifa released a harshly-worded letter against Zimrony Tzick, who stands at the helm of a Chabad-affiliated organization called the ‘Geula V’Amitit V’Shleima’ based in Bat Yam.

The Rav states that in accordance with halacha, Tzick must be placed in “cheirim and niddui” Shturem reports, unless he retracts his statements.

The following is a loose translation of Rabbi Axelrod, an open letter to the greater Chabad community, in his which he refers to the kenos being organized by Tzick on 9 Shvat in an auditorium in Tel Aviv University:

I spoke with two prominent community members Shlita, and they told me that they heard from Zimrony himself that his custom is to eat on 10 Teves and fast days that have been decreed by Chazal and when asked how one is to conduct oneself, he does not instruct others to follow his example, but turns people to ‘Sichos Kodesh’ (or the Lubavitch Rebbe) for instructions.

He also canceled the halacha in Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim (131) referring to ones recitation of Tachnun, which has been eliminated from his regular tefillos, and his primary premise is not based on the instructions of a Rav or the Shulchan Aruch, but as he see fit.

I am personally aware of the fact that regarding his own emunah in HaKadosh Baruch Hu contains elements of apikorsus, as is the case regarding the philosophy (hashkafa) of his close friend Mr. Shmuel Frummer.

Since he does influence others, this demands action since others are beginning to fall to a low level and he is the true enemy of Melech HaMoshiach, as was the case with the false moshiach Shabtai Tzvi and his followers.

In accordance with halacha, if he refuses to denounce his position and beliefs, he must be placed in cheirim and niddui and ousted from the community and I say this with a torn heart, with the tefilla that such wicked people are removed from my tent. Taking part in such a kenos chas v’sholom is the antithesis of a forum of tzaddikim since not a single rav is taking part. He invited Rav Kalmonson Shlita from the United States to address the forum, and I call on him to distance himself from the event, an act that will yield him much reward.

I conclude with a tefilla that the Melech Moshiach should reveal himself immediately, and redeem the People.

Written and signed on 7 Shvat by Rav Axelrod.

EDITORS NOTE: It should be noted that Rabbi Axelrod is a “Meshechist” Lubavitcher as well. It should also be noted that this story comes on the heels of a story which was exclusively reported by YWN regarding a group of fanatic Meshichistin from Melbourne Australia – who proudly ate and drank on the last fast day of Asara B’teves, and publicized their actions on YouTube. Their actions were condemned by Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Telsner, the head of Chabad of Melbourne, and placed them into Cheirem. See the following link for that story:

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. They say that:


    If Rabbi Axelrod HIMSELF is a Moshiachist – I have no “pity” on him…

    I do have pity on the real Lubavitchers who have to shun away from the Moshiachist group….!

  2. I’m repeating what I’ve already wrote earlier, that unless EVERYONE who believes in the Rebbe as Moshiach, whether they say so openly or not, is put into cherem, these individual charomim are worthless. And even more. If one of the most powerful Lubavitcher Ra-Bonim in Los Angeles can openly come out with statements like “everyone will come to recognize that the rebbe runs the world” without anyone within the Lubavitch movement opening their mouth in protest, that whole organisation should be put into cherem.

  3. unfortunately 3 and 6 are right. I believe that Rabbi axelrod was the one the read and pronounced the ‘psak din’ a number of years ago signed by many prominent Lubavitch rabbonim procaliming and ‘paskening’ that the rebbe is moshiach. This is a very unfortunate saga that we are living through. It is so unbelievable and mind numbing unfortunately that most ppl. prefer just to ignore and pretend its not there, i.e., denial. Hashem should be goder our pirtzos and everyone should return to hashem beemes uvetamim.

  4. #6 you should be put into cherem for talking about your fellow yidden like that nomater who they are they are your brothers and you should treat them with respect. Thats your musser for today

  5. #6: Are you trying to say that we are meant to overlook any type of Apikorsus and Minnus out of Ahavas Yisroel? Were the Gedolim wrong putting Spinoza in a Cherem? Should they have embraced Shabtai Zvi and his cohorts as fellow Yidden?

  6. Yeshiva World News, I think you need to think before posting an article that will just cause more Sinas Chinam. The Chabad Rav put those nebach people in Cherem so let it be. Why create a further todo by adding so much publicity? It can only bring down Klal Yisroel by creating even more divide! The extreme Chanadnikim are a minority amongst Chabad they just get so much publicity because it seems so radical. It’s time we focused on what unites us more!

  7. #11. I wished is was true what you claim. Anybody who knows me will testify that I hate machlokes, that I’m a soft-spoken person who gets on with all type of people. And I davven every day for Shalom between Yidden.But I can no longer keep quiet in the face of a whole group of well-meaning people who are nebbich being misled with treifeh hashkofos. And although you are right that a minority of Chabad have a big mouth and make a lot of noise, but you are wrong in thinking that only a minority believe that apikorsus. And “nebbich an apikorus is also an Apikorus”.
    Read the book “The Rebbe, The Messiah and the scandal of orthodox indifference” by professor David Berger, who as Professor at Yeshiva University can hardly be described as an extremist, but whose book is highly praised by Gedolei Yisroel.

  8. It is not apikorsus to believe that the Rebbe could be moshiach. I am not saying that he is. That only Hashem knows. However, it is apikorses to believe that Moshiach can’t be resurrected. Check out the sources yourself:
    Sanhedrin 98:b
    Rashi-“Ee Min Chaya, Hu Kegon-Rabainu HaKadosh” 98:B
    Iyun Sheni, Perek Alef
    Peas Sadeh-Maareches Alef, Os Ayin

    To #12: David Berger IMO is only interested in spreading machlokes and sinas chinam. I would doubt very much that his book is highly praised by Gedolei Yisroel.

    Lastly, Yasher Koach to Rabbi Axelrod for condemning these extremists. It takes leadership to do what he did, unlike the gedolei yisroel who did not condemn a man from Monsey who committed a grave chillul Hashem and who has hurt many people.

  9. I think one should remember that Gedolai Yisroel, from Rav Shach z”l to ybl”c Eav Aaron Feldman forsaw that this was the inevitable result of the Rebbe”s z” words.All the Ahavas Yisroel in the world cannot overcome the k’fira and chilul HaShem this has caused.
    PLease, emmesdik Chabadnicks MUST do a major housecleaning to restore themselves to the fold of Clal Yisroel, before it is too late

  10. Interesting priorities…abolish Tachanun, and they scream (even though it somehow manages to be skipped every Minchah anyway)…believe a dead Gadol will be Moshiach: no problem!