VIDEOS & PHOTOS: YWN Exclusive: Greenfield vs. Lazar Debate Videos


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[VIDEO & PHOTO LINKS BELOW] We at YWN have obtained exclusive videos where you can see the two front-runners for city council:  education advocate David Greenfield and retired civil servant Joe Lazar and debating each other on key issues of importance to the community. Out of respect for your time, we are focusing on the two front runners in the race and not the minor long-shot candidates.

Instead of watching a two hour debate, you get the six best parts in short 3 – 4 minute clips courtesy of YWN.

Please click on the individual clips below.


Opening Statements:

How to vote on Moral Issues:

The Job of a Councilman:

Affordable Housing:

Should we help Private Schools:

Delivering Services and helping seniors:

Click on the following link for photos by Shimon Gifter:

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. Lazar comes across as the know-it-all seasoned politician and Greenfeld has innovative ideas and the fresh blood to help us out-I think that the people should give him the chance to show what he can do.

  2. I was at the debate the way i saw it is…
    Lazar has lived and helped this community through out his past with numerous projects, he has with what to back it, greenfield is more for the five-town community.

    greenfield on the other hand seems to be saying the right things to get into the community but has very little past! other than dreams for the future.
    more or less the same topics same answers and same solutions by greenfield and Lazar
    so i will judge the 2 candidates by their past, experience, and alliances.

    that gave me a much better confidence in Joe Lazar

  3. Yeshiva World has lost all credibility after taking a biased position for Greenfield while claiming independence. How is it that all pro Lazar comments dissapear shortly after posting?

    Moderators Response: We have never removed a pro Lazar comment after approving it. Ok, Mr. Carrot man?

  4. A special election for a city council seat gets a very low turnout, only in the hundreds and any one of the 4 candidates can win if he gets his supporters to the polls. There are no polls or front runners so it’s impossible to predict the outcome. I have viewed the complete video of the event and feel that by offering only selected portions you have done a diservice to the voters.

  5. I was there and am in some of those pics. It was clear from moment one, when David started reading everything out of the notes that Mr. Tobman wrote down for him that he was doomed.

    As a Lazar supporter I was actually impressed more with Jonathan Judge’s performance. It was clear well executed and from the heart.

    Joe didn’t make an extremely lengthy case for himself, emphasizing that he indeed KNOWS the machine of City Gov’t and will help maneuver through it for the community…a promise I think no one here should have any problem holding him to.

    David on the other hand has only achieved for the most part while other parties too were involved, then claiming credit only for himself, calling his experience as a lobbyist into question. I wouldn’t then trust him to run an entire diverse district.

    Let’s see if this comment gets through.

  6. JOe By TKO Greenfield looked lost Vito Lopez must be disappointed What we need now is what the rabbonim say we need and thats experience. Period

  7. Intresting How others are noticing YWN deleting anti greenfield comments unfortunatly YWN is to biased to host a debate like this cudos to the JP

  8. I was at the debate last night, and this is what I came out with;

    Tischler was just a kid having a good time. He showed up with about 10 teenage girls and boys. He had no proper responses to any questions, except for “I’m young and we need fresh blood” I salute him for going all the way, but he is not what I am looking for in terms of a councilman.

    Greenfield, came off as very articulate and knowledgeable, but he had this political sense about him. You know how when Simcha Felder first ran for office, he spoke like a regular person, he didn’t have all the political “shtick”, well Greenfield sounded as if he was a politician already . He mostly spoke about education, while forgetting that most of his audience has long past the education stage. I do think he has some future in politics, I just think he has to restructure his ideas, and attitude.

    Judge, spoke right to the point, and gave me the sense of real fresh blood. He was articulate, and extremely knowledgeable regarding the various government agencies. He pointed out that he was the only candidate living in the district, and that he was a conservative republican, running on real change. Out of all the candidates, Judge came off to me as the most favorable.

    Lazar, spoke very well, sometimes it was hard to hear him, but he spoke of being the child of a holocaust survivor, and growing up in the Boro Park neighborhood. He gave the impression of a real mench, but not as a strong person, or as a person who can stand up to political pressure. I may not vote for him, but I know one thing for sure. Mr, Lazar is a mench.

  9. I think YWN should not be afraid to erase the Hikind/Lazar paid staff comments who are trying to destroy your news network.

    Menchlich couldn’t you post everything in one comment? why is every sentence a different comment? it shows that you are here with an agenda to destroy this side who is presenting news accurately and not as they would want, the Hikind/Lazar team is used that their terror usually works and they can scare and threaten everybody to have it their way, and if there is someone outside who is not playing by their rules
    their team is all out to destroy them.


    And back to the issues.

    We all have to know to vote for the candidate who supports the most our yeshivas and not for the candidate who is threatening the most our yeshivas.

    Everybody should go privately and ask their leaders who they REALLY support for city council you can ask even the ones who are signed for Lazar, their answer would be DAVID GREENFIELD.

    By voting for DAVID GREENFIELD you will make sure you have the best councilman representing you.

    By voting for GREENFIELD you will liberate our leaders and mosdos from the politicans who hijacked them and think they can do with them whatever they want.

    By voting for DAVID GREENFIELD not only the council seat will be in the hand of the people, it is fair to say that we would get back our assembly seat when our assemblyman will learn a lesson that you cannot play around with your voters even by threatening their leaders, and he will start listening and working for the voter and the community and the other way around

  10. I respect YWN. At least they are not like the “other” website that ONLY posts pro-Lazar comments. As for Vito Lopez, he’s a very powerful politician. I don’t know about you but I live in Midwood not park slope. “Reform” is for them. Tachlis is for us. I’m thrilled that Greenfield has relationships with powerful people. That’s how we get tachlis for our community.

  11. YWN is very fair to everyone but why should anyone tolorate comments that attack people instead of sticking to the issues.

    Anyone who blames YWN for moderating comments is a bit meshugah. YWN moderates comments that are insulting and has nothing to do with moderating in a way that takes sides.

    I challenge anyone to prove that YWN is not fair. I read many newspapers and many frum sites and I really believe that YWN is very fair, sticks to the points, and does not spew loshon horah.

    I also have to give credit to Mr. Greenfield who when attacked by Johnathan Judge Mr Greenfield did not attack back or interrupt. To me this showed class and a person who believes in freedom of speech and may agree to disagree and have a great debate.

    Some people say Greenfield is nasty. I hate to bust anyones bubbles but if getting things done for our community is being nasty then so be it. Mr Bloomberg did not become a billionaire by sitting on a chair and doing nothing. Nastiness does not equate to not being a mench.

    People are jealous that a 34 year old guy with only a few years of experience has got many things done in a way that most people did not even know until 5 months ago. Do we look for people who get credit for everything and get honored at dinners? I’m looking for a candidate that gets things done.

    People make fun of Mr Felder that he legislated dumb things. I beg to differ. Sometimes the simplicity of laws is what makes quality of life better. Just one example where we can park on purim without having to worry about alternate side and all that stuff and worry about tickets was changed by Felder.

    Bloomberg said recently that he would rather underpromise and over deliver then over promise and under deliver.

    Greenfiled was very practical and showed that he has what it takes to get the job done for the community. Coalitioning is a very important midah.

    Mr. Lazar definitely has experience but when someone after 30 years says what we want to hear and says he will do this and that, I have to ask why he couldn’t get it done for 30 years when he had the means and connections?

    I really believe in looking at a persons record of what they DID instead of what they say they will do.

    People are saying that the fact that Mr. Greenfield is backed by some anti semite and is bad association is non sense. Felder worked with Quinn for many years and by working with others does not mean we endorse their lifestyles.

    I think people forget what the job of councilmen does and can’t do. Greenfiled reminded us last night and told us point blank there are certain things he can’t do period. The honesty was impressive.

    Mr. Lazar is definitely a nice person but if we want to blast people about association then i have to ask is someone who aligns themselves with Hikind and Shelly Silver, people who don’t care about us-is this what we want?

    Does anyone realize that Shelly Silver, Hikind and many of these liberal democrats are AGAINST TUITION VOUCHERS. Google their records which is public record.

    It’s a disgrace that frum people talk abouthelping the little people and helping young people and helping us out. Ask anyone about what the biggest challenge that face us today. There are many issues that need to be dealt with but I think the number one problem on everyones mind is tuition relief. Don’t lecture me that yeshivos would back someone who is against tuition relief.

    It would be suicide for yeshivos to back someone like that and anyone paying tuition now that would back people who are against helping parents out are out of their minds.

    I apologize for making to much of a speech but I remind you that when going into that voting booth is to look at records. Remember that President Reagan was considered a lunitic and just a hollywood actor and ended up becoming one of the best United States Presidents.

  12. As a strong greenfield supporter I am extremely bothered by his campaign’s seeming abandonment of the chasidisher olom in BP. i walk the streets of bp and see every belzer storekeeper (and there are many) with a poster for lazar in his window. where are the greenfield posters? it all started because lazar appeared at a belzer dinner! nu! how about kloizenburg, boyan, stolin, ger vizhnitz etc.? get in the game, greenfield!!!!

  13. and by the way, for the record, i do want to say that greenfield’s statement on moral issues and values of old, made me proud, and definitely made Hashem proud!

  14. I think that Joe Lazar came across as very experienced and knowledgeable of the issues.

    However, Jonathan Judge really impressed me. He came across as very articulate and with a very good grasp of the issues(especially with the fact that he didn’t need notes and briefing material). He also assured me that he understands the needs and issues of the Jewish community. He also showed he’s got the passion and fire to effectively represent our community and that he knows how to work well with people.
    He pointed out that he is the President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans and a Conservative.
    My family and I plan to vote for Jonathan Judge for City Council.

    Go Judge Go!!!

  15. Bobov48 will never grow up. It’s basically the herd mentality, or like a Yankee fan. If his party endorsed a candidate, he can’t even think diffrently. Both Lazar & Greenfield are decent people, & will try to do a good job. But the fact that the hemishe B.P. mosdos are supporting Lazar, is only because of Hikinid’s blackmail to the mosdos. That’s a fact that anyone envloved knows. It’s about time already that our mosdos should stop worship the Eigal Hazov.

  16. If greenfeld got/gets SO much money for OUR Mosdos why would they care what Hikind says kinda makes one wonder if Greenfeld really delivered or he’s taking credit for other REAL Askanims work.

  17. Bigjosh
    Have you ever met Hikind and seen him in action? He’s a very powerful personality and knows how to manipulate politics. There’s no way the Mosdos can stand up to him. He’s like a big bulldozer and his threats against the mosdos WILL be carried out if they don’t support his candidate: Lazar.