PHOTOS: Burglars Cut Through Roof Of Bank In Flatbush


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7:00PM EST: [PHOTO LINK ADDED BELOW] The NYPD is currently on the scene investigating a bank burglary of the Sovereign Bank located on McDonald Avenue & Avenue U, in Flatbush.

 A YWN reporter live on the scene confirms to us that the burglars cut through the roof of the bank.

The NYPD’s 61st Precinct is on the scene, as well as ESU, K9, and numerous Detectives investigating the incident. A Level 1 Mobilization has also been called in regards to this incident.

It is unknown what was taken from the bank, or when the break-in occurred.

In February 2009, YWN had reported that there was a massive burglary at the Astoria Savings Bank located on 18th Avenue and East 2nd Street. In that robbery, the burglars also had entered through the roof, and emptied dozens of safety deposit boxes. It also occurred on a weekend as well.

Click on the following link for exclusive photos by YWN photographer Shimon Gifter:

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN)


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  4. yaakov doe “The rain and wind would have been the perfect cover for these professionals.”

    Yeah, very professional; read the following from the Post:
    Burglars drilled two holes into a roof and slipped inside a Brooklyn bank yesterday, but fled empty-handed, police said.
    After breaking in, the crooks crawled through a heating vent in the Sovereign Bank on McDonald Avenue and Avenue U in Gravesend at about 5 p.m.
    But they were unable to gain access to the vault and decided to leave.