YWN EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Message From Father Of Motty Borger Z”L


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[AUDIO LINK BELOW] Please click on the link below to listen to a second heartrending message from Shmuel Borger, father of Motty Borger Z”L, the Chosson who tragically was Niftar just 2 days after his wedding.

In the message Shmuel Borger tells those who created false articles written by news outlets – including the NY Post, and subsquently reported on various so-called “Jewish blogs” how they are hurting Klal Yisroel.

“My son did not jump”, says R’ Borger, and proceeds to relate the tragedy in detail.

His heartrending message is to all of Klal Yisroel who he says were misled, and who were “Mekabel” various “Motzei Shem Ra”, and “Lashon Hara”, and has an important request of Klal Yisroel.

Shmuel Borger requests that you please take the time to listen to his important and  inspiring message about his upcoming worldwide event film production being shown after Pesach which will touch the hearts of Klal Yisroel and with the hope that we can see Moshiach very soon in our days.

If you wish to contact Shmuel Borger, you may email him at [email protected], or call him at 718-437-8786.

Please email this message to as many friends as possible.

NOTE: The audio starts after 10 seconds.

YWN AUDIO LINK: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/video_viewer.php?player=wma&clip=YWSB

(Dov Gordon – YWN)


  1. what about this post on your website from November 14, 2009-
    AUDIO: Request From Father Of Motty Borger Z”L
    November 14, 2009
    This a same one?

  2. While I like this guy’s message, I don’t feel it appropriate for him to say people have lost their cheylek in oolam habah because of it. It’s the first time I’m hearing anything negative about his son. I do know cases of destruction of families and people becoming frei because of loson hora and sinas chinum, so his message makes a very good point. Also, l’halacha it’s not an issur to speak bad about people who have died only a cherem kadmonim. Also as side point, anybody who wakes up (or comes down) with the worse headache they ever felt, should seek emergency care in a hospital with brain surgery capability. This is a bleed in the brain until proven otherwise!

  3. This is quite tragic. I do feel that there is no need for the family to go on the defensive. Doing so only fans the flames of the antagonist. Certainly it does not belong in such a forum. If the family feels that this or a similar forum or media outlet contributed to any hurt or shaming, then by responding via these very channels and patronizing them only lends your support to their existence. If any of the alleged is true, then it is better to join forces and combat this serious problem head on. Such would surely be a nechama for family, friends, and others, as well an aliyah for the neshama. However, if they are false, then the rumors and stories should be ignored entirely.

  4. MODERATORS NOTE: Kindly send your direct message to Shmuel Borger, whose email address is in the article. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to talk with you.

  5. What better way to publicise rumors than to deny them to people who had never heard them.

    I feel for the familys frustration but question wisdom of the father.

  6. Im sorry!
    But this message would be alot more belivable if it didnt have the backround music and maybe one 5th as long.
    better yet, a simple 5 sentence letter emailed out!

    Too much drama here and guilt tripping here!

  7. I would normally agree with the poster above, if there is a rumor, not to publicly deny it, as you’re telling ppl that haven’t heard it. in this case i don’t know if that would apply, as it was on the news (tv) in the papers, on lots of blogs etc. and it was something that really everyone spoke about.
    as far as if this is the right forum to play a video such as the one we hear? i would never want to be in his shoes, and have to make these decisions, but if i was him i would speak to a rav before i did anything!!
    on a side note, i did listen to the link, and it looks like it was supposed to be an advertisement for an upcoming video, once he was speaking it looks like he wanted us to stop spreading and believing the stories going around.

  8. I didnt listen to the video because i was unable to get onto it. But i just want to bring out one point. Everytime there is a tradgedy not much is written about what really happened. People assume things and hear things and thats what gets passed on and develops into something way beyond what really happened. If it isnt something that is loshon hora is it so terrible to just write what really happened? I dont mean to be insensivte im just throwing out an idea.

  9. its so funny how people are so quick to believe ……but to unbeileve something they heard about someone, well you just cant beleive everything people say
    boy are we lost the chofetz chaim would have a word or two for our generation

  10. # 14, you are missing the point! Shmuel Borger is trying to get people to NOT BELIEVE everything they hear or see, because in this case he believes it’s not true!
    #16, what are you trying to say?

  11. 15 best ima, that kind of makes sense. i would like to hear what halacha says about that. would it be allowed? please any one with a source, please post it. the lack of clear info on what happened at the time took me to ‘other sites’ -places i do not usually frequent for obvious reasons . i couldnt hold back. it was just so bizarre i wanted to know what happened. another angle to explore in halacha is the lfnei eever involved in not telling the real story to prevent what happened to me.

  12. The point I’m trying to make is that people like “classact” who have no idea of the facts in anything would believe something he saw on a blog but when the father has no choice but to come out in public to quell the false rumors about his family he just can’t believe it. How disgusting !!!

  13. Ok… Mr SMART2 comment 19 , you certainly are not “2 SMART” !

    In fact you totally missed my point , but decided to comment on it.
    The issue is not who we believe here, because I certainly don’t have a any substantial facts .

    The point was how the dad chose to go about convincing everyone! Music, guilt trip, drama, advertisement for his next video etc.

    A simple letter or one minute audio statement , would have gone allot further to accomplish his goal.

  14. @20 I get your point and agree with it. However, if his real goal was to plug his video comming out, then he did accomplish his goal. He would not be the first person to use a tragedy for profit.