Report: MTA To Get Rid Of Hundreds Of Bus Stops


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As the Metropolitan Transportation Authority prepares to eliminate dozens of bus routes, the agency is also reportedly getting rid of hundreds of bus stops on the lines that remain.

According to the New York Post, final figures for the MTA’s upcoming service cuts show riders face the loss of some 611 bus stops. There will be 25 bus stops added to accommodate changes to bus routes.

All the changes mean the MTA will have to replace 8,600 route maps found near bus stops.

Changes to subway service will force the agency to remake more than 2,700 signs throughout the subway system.

The cuts go into effect June 27th.

(Source: NY1)


  1. I wonder if there will be any cost savings with all the maps and signage changing. Seeing the way everything else runs around the city, it’ll proably cost more.

  2. manishma, I agree with you 100%. Of course if they would privatize the MTA then there would be cost savings and better service to boot. But, the unions would never, ever permit such a thing because they would have their membership reduced. Boo, hoo, hoo!

  3. When I came to New York I was actually surprised at how close some bus stops are to each other. There are many places where a bus stop could easily be eliminated, or three stops could be turned into two.

  4. Your Sister #2,

    NYC had a privately run subway system for many decades — in fact, two of them. The IRT and BRT both went bankrupt and had to be bailed out and taken over by the city.