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NYC Cracking Down On Out-Of-State Vehicles With Outstanding Parking Violations

Motorists with out-of-state license plates are finally paying parking fines after years of avoiding the fees – pumping millions of dollars into city coffers, the Daily News has learned.

A recent crackdown on scofflaws with non-New York tags has netted $18 million from Connecticut and Pennsylvania in the last 6-1/2 months alone, the Finance Department reported.

The end of the gravy train follows years during which the city did not pay other states for access to driver databases – and thus could not tow or collect from parking offenders from those areas.

A source within the city marshals, which tow the worst scofflaws, said there were six states whose vehicles marshals rarely towed.

The city marshals’ source speculated that there may be a glitch in the system that is allowing some violators to fall through the cracks. Furthermore, the source said the Finance Department figures for the four states do not jibe with what he and his colleagues witness on the streets every day.

Previously, the city didn’t access driver records from Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia and Washington.

Cops had always ticketed the out-of-state cars. But the city wouldn’t fork over fees to access the databases, so it couldn’t track down offenders to collect fines.

A 2006 state investigation found the city missed out on $14 million in revenue the previous year by not chasing down Pennsylvania scofflaws alone.

(Source: NY Daily News)

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