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AGAIN! Senator Kevin Parker Loses Temper – Represents Flatbush & Boro Park

A lawmaker from Brooklyn was at the center of an angry blow-up in Albany in the middle of a normally dull Finance Committee meeting.

He’s had run ins with his state senate colleagues before, but Senator Kevin Parker’s latest outburst has now gone viral, thanks to an internet video of a New York Senate hearing Tuesday.

Parker was objecting to the way upstate Senator John DeFrancisco, who is white, was questioning a nominee to the New York State Power Authority, who is black.

“How dare you? You racist people in here,” Parker yelled.

Soon the rhetoric got out of hand, with Committee Chair Karl Kruger telling Parker he would be removed if he didn’t quiet down. Parker, however, seemed to be spoiling for a fight.

“You’re out of order. Step outside. Why don’t you step outside,” Kruger said.

There have been other incidents involving the senator. Last year he was accused of doing $1,000 dollars worth of damage to the car of New york York Photographer William Lopez after the photographer snapped Parkers’ photo on a Brooklyn street.

Lopez said after the flash went off, Parker chased him for half a block and smashed his camera.

Two years ago an aide to the senator filed charges, claiming Parker pushed her during an argument and smashed her eyeglasses.

And back in 2005 he was accused of punching a traffic agent in the face, but charges were dropped on the condition he take an anger management class.


JUNE 2009: Attorney John Conway, 59, said he was on the Senate floor when Parker sought to disrupt a GOP-controlled proceeding that Democrats considered illegal.

“He said to me, ‘What are you looking at, punk? Do you know who I am and don’t you read the newspaper, punk?’” said Conway.

MAY 2009: Parker was indicted on assault and other charges after being accused of attacking a New York Post photographer who took his picture.

A Brooklyn grand jury handed up the indictment charging the Democratic Senator with second and third degree assault, third and fourth degree criminal mischief, third degree menacing and second degree harassment. If convicted, he faces up to seven years in prison.

2005: Parker was arrested on charges of punching a traffic agent who was writing him a ticket. The charges were dropped after Parker agreed to take an anger management class.

(Source: WCBSTV / YWN Desk – NYC)

7 Responses

  1. “Senator Kevin Parker’s latest outburst has now gone viral, thanks to an internet video”

    Why don’t you post the video. Is it inappropriate for the YWN audience?

  2. I’m one of his constituents who thinks Senator Parker should resign so that our State Senator will not be an embarassment to all Brooklynites.

  3. He has a reputation for angry outbursts of expletives and violence. He is an embarassment to what being a Senator stands for. He’s a lowlife.

  4. Can anyone imagine a white man acting like this, calling a black man “punk”? NYC would be in flames, from Harlem to Long Island.

  5. Locknload:
    I guess its not enough for them that one of theirs is president. For the most part there is no racism. Its just black people who have low self esteem and a self loathing. They consciously or subconsciously feel inferior for being black because of the actions of others in their race.
    Black people have convinced themselves that white people are racist and there’s no way to convince them otherwise as long as their preachers like sharpton and farrakhan keep filling their minds with hate.

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