Two additional NYS Troopers shot – 1 killed


nys trooper1.jpgYesterday, YW reported (HERE) about a NY State Trooper who was shot in the chest, in Margaretville [Delaware County].  It is now being reported that an additional two state troopers were shot this morning as police surrounded the suspect. The troopers were flown by helicopter to a hospital in unknown condition. The suspect was identified Tuesday as Travis D. Trim, 23, of North Lawrence. Margaretville is about 65 miles southwest of Albany. (BNN / CW1NY)

UPDATE 12:05PM: One of the two officers who was shot this morning has passed away from his gunshot wounds at Albany Medical Center. The second officer is reported to be in critical condition.

UPDATE 6:20PM: Smoke and flames are seen rising out of an upstate farmhouse where the suspect was believed to be holed up. Heavily armed officers, who had surrounded the farmhouse, closed in on the structure as the fire intensified.


  1. Hello Waco!!!! After firing a concussion gernade into a tinderbox, one would expect a flame. Although a concussion gernade, meant to confuse and demobilize the perp. long enough for law enforcement to get in to disarm said perp, does carry an explosive in order to detonate the gernade.

  2. on the news it was reported that police fired a tear gas canister into the barn to flush him out.

    with that said, this is not a Waco, TX situation at all, period.

  3. Frankly, this is awful.

    We should be vociferous when it comes to saying good things about the police in this country. I don’t care about how many are closet Jew haters or corrupt thugs. Most are decent folks who would risk their lives to save ours.

    I think we are obligated to be very appreciative of this medina shel chesed that we are blessed to live in. That includes the people in the armed services and the police force.

  4. shot in the chest? I bet they can get a refund from the manufacture of the bullet-proof vest. ‘not much impressed with the quality of the body armor. Oh well, another high quality item, possibly made in tiawan.

  5. zeeskeit: stop talking shtisim and get into life look how many tzoras are happening lately this guy could blow up a jewish school and kill 800 yiden and you think its funny.

  6. Perhaps to clarify the “Waco” reference. Nachon, this incident is no Waco. My statement was reflective on how quickly that home went up in flames. Similiar to the Koresh compound in Waco, Texas.

  7. I heard/read that the first one was shot in the chest, thus he was saved by his vest. I would assume the one who was killed was hit in the head.

  8. Body armor is not invulnerable. Bullets don’t bounce off like superman, and believe me it is no fun to get hit even while wearing a bulletproof vest. The force of the bullet is dispersed instead of concentrated and so penetration is unlikely. The net effect is like being hit in the chest with a hammer at high velocity – even the best armor will leave a nasty bruise. There are many different grades of body armor and the better ones are very expensive. It is conceivable that a person could be killed through a “bulletproof” vest. That said, I don’t know if he was shot in the chest or not, just that it is possible.