Lakewood: Man critically injured after being struck by train


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freight train.jpgA 34-year-old Lakewood man was critically injured after being hit by the freight train on the Conrail tracks in the area of Second Street on Sunday evening. The Lakewood police are attempting to confirm the identity of the man who was struck by the train and critically injured.

Police say, that the victim, was carrying two forms of identification, both of which were forged under the name of Alfredo Reyes Hernandez. Police said that they believe it to be the individuals name, but needs to get confirmation.

Lakewood EMS and MONOC medics had transported the victim. He was in the hospital’s surgical intensive care unit Monday afternoon with serious injuries to both legs.

Police said the victim was discovered on the ground a few feet from the railroad tracks, calling for help when he was discovered by passing pedestrians about 7:00PM. The train that struck the victim arrived about 6:30PM delivering three railroad cars with utility poles to Dinaso and Son Building Supply Company in Lakewood.



  1. Gevalt! Those train tracks always scared me. There is nothing more terrifying then driving a car over the tracks right when the red lights start to flash and the guard rails start going down.

  2. Better hurry, bubby before the second guard rail falls and you are stuck in between. There should be 2 signs before the railroad crossing, and pavement markings also to alert and warn….

  3. The problem is not the signs. The problem in Lakewood are all the “elements” who use the tracks as a shortcut. It is very common to see people walking there.

  4. Bamcak – I didn’t know “fun inzere” used the tracks too.

    All I can say is perhaps you shouldn’t use them??

  5. There is no barrier that goes down when the train is coming. Sometimes these shortcuts are necessary, going derech hamelech is more practical by car.

  6. take the tracks and you get in to trouble. a lot of times i would see people walking on it and i couldn’t figure out why. is it worth the risk ???