Agudah’s statement on Spitzers urge to legalize shame marriages


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agudah logo.jpgReacting to New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s introduction of a bill in the state legislature to legalize “alternative-lifestyle marriage” in New York [as reported HERE on YW], Agudath Israel of America called the proposed legislation “objectionable morally and dangerous practically.”

“The legalization of ‘alternative-lifestyle marriage’ in New York State,” said Rabbi David Zwiebel, executive vice president for government and public affairs for Agudath Israel of America, “would be profoundly offensive to communities like ours and to countless other New Yorker State residents who consider the institution of marriage in its traditional form to be the foundation not only of family but of civilized society.”
The Agudath Israel leader further averred that the governor’s bill would represent a profound threat to religious liberty.

“While, commendably, the bill would not compel clergy to solemnize any such ‘marriage’,” he said, “it contains no such protections for religious institutions that would be forced, against their beliefs, to accord full marital privileges to employees whose ‘marriages’ to same-sex partners have been solemnized under state law.”
“There is yet more mischief in this proposal,” Rabbi Zwiebel asserted.  “If ‘same-sex marriage’ is the civil rights equivalent of women being able to vote or blacks being able to drink from the same water-fountains as whites, as the bill’s supporting memorandum claims, then the unspoken message of the bill, intended or not, is a clear one: Traditional religious beliefs are bigotry.

“To the bill’s proponents, we say, respectfully but firmly: That is not so.  Our beliefs are those of the Bible and the Jewish religious tradition for millennia.  And your endeavor serves to deride and disparage them.”


  1. BRAVO AGUDAH and Rabbi C.D. Zwiebel!

    And this is the Torah communities official response to all those commentators in the post the other day who were afraid to go against these perverts.

  2. I dont think this should be on yw because some immature commentors will post immature comments like the story with rav eliyashiv and tzniyus

  3. When and Where will Aguda be publishing their point of view, so that the world at large will know the attitudes of Torah Jews? or was this statement made for private consumption.

  4. The menuvalim don’t realize what the underlying purpose of legalizing “their” marriages is; this will put them in a higher tax bracket! But, I don’t think tearing apart society is worth the cost of revenue raising.

  5. Doubtlessly the Agudah and Rabbi C.D. Zwiebel have taken this position with the full backing and endorsement of Gedolei Yisroel. That alone should tell the naysayers they are wrong and the Agudah is right.

  6. Hamodia?

    Last I checked this site was called YESHIVA WORLD.

    On a side note, the Agudah issued this press release and was looked over by the Gedolim.

    PS: The Hamodia refuses to write many issues.
    EXAMPLE: Hundreds of people were brutally beat up this past summer at the anti-shame-parade Hafganos by the Israeli monsters.
    HUNDREDS! Including many children.

    They did not write ONE word about it.

    Thanks for the comment.

  7. I think the main point here (wether it passes or not is irrelevent), is to seperate us from the conservative and reform movements that are not opposed it.

  8. How about the Mila/ Metzitza B’peh controversy? Or the flap over YCT? Or several other issues of big concern to the Chareidi community? HaModia wouldn’t touch those. That’s why I buy the Yated. They’re at the forefront in these matters.

  9. Again, where was this offical press release published? Press releases accomplish a goal when they are read by the public. We, the Torah Community know the hashkofos of Toras Moshe, is this a public release or to reassure our community that the Agudah has a voice and stand.

  10. jo jo

    you are write, i dont know how to spell, whats the big deal? u dont have to embares me!woa! maybe YOU should CALM down

  11. We must find a way to express tone better in quick typing. I was kidding. Was Qodush serious? Did he know I was kidding? Did he think I was serious? These are monumental issues that keep me up at night (that was not serious – save your serious suggestions to help me get to sleep).

  12. wait a minute….stop the presses… we can keep posting??? I thought Yosi closed it. did he re-open it??? now it is my turn to lose sleep…

    Oh what a tangled WEB we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive!
    Sir Walter Scott,

    🙂 (yes, I’m also kidding)