Eretz Yisroel: Jews vandalize Arab graves


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The Jerusalem Post is reporting that a group of Jews who came to pray at the Kever of Yehoshua Bin Nun near Ariel early Friday morning has reportedly vandalized more than ten Arab graves. The words “death to the Arabs” were engraved onto the Arab graves.


  1. why not pay back them in kind for all the ‘chorbonous’ they did on the Har Hazeizim all the years that it was under jordanian rule.

    THAT is the ONLY message those mamzeirim understand.

  2. ‘they aren’t a threat to anyone after they’re gone.’

    They are enough of a threat to us while they are alive to last them until they are reincarnated again! please….

  3. zionflag:
    it’s not open all year round for the same reason that you can’t visit Kever Yosef Hatzadik.

    the route to the kever goes through some rough arab areas.
    talking to my son yesterday, in Yerushalayim, he tells me that the busses that went there needed to have armed escort to go there.

  4. THAT is the ONLY message those mamzeirim understand.
    Comment by scy4851 — June 8, 2007 @ 10:24 am

    scy4851, your comment is not only foolish and childish, it is against the torah. We (by we i mean us torah jews) dont believe in taking revenge indiscriminately.