Rav Amrom Taub ZATZAL


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candle12.gifWe regret to inform you of the Petirah of Rav Amrom Taub ZATZAL (known as the Breeder Rov) from Baltimore from injuries sustained in a serious car accident last Sunday (as reported HERE on YW). The Levaya will be at his shul on Clarks Lane on Sunday morning at 9:00AM followed by Hespeidim in Kiryas Yoel. Boruch Dayan Emmes…


    HaRav HaTzadik Rav Amram Chasida, The Breeder Ruv was from the Tzaidkei Elyon.

  2. צטט הודעה לינק ישיר
    הגאון הצדיק רבי עמרם טויב זצוק”ל

    הגאון הצדיק רבי עמרם טויב זצוק”ל

    די לויה וועט זיין זונטאג אינדערפרי אין באלטימאר
    און וועט קומען ווייטער קיין קרית יואל

    ער האט איבערגעלאזט דורות ישרים ומבורכים בני שלשים בני רבעים
    ראשי ישיבה מנהלים ומחנכים מרביצי תורה

    די זון
    הגאון רבי שמואל דוד שליט”א אב”ד בריד ר”מ בישיבה תורה ויראה דסאטמאר
    הגאון רבי ישעי’ שליט”א פון קאשוי באלטימאר
    הגאון רבי ארי צבי שליט”א אב”ד בעהוץ וראה”כ תורה ויראה
    הגאון רבי ישראל שלום שליט”א מנהל ישיבה ערוגת הבושם צעהלים

    די איידעמער

    הגאון רבי יחיאל גרינוואלד שליטא אב”ד טעטש
    הגאון רבי צבי אלימלך הערשקאוויטש שליט”א בן הגאן רבי פישל
    הגאון רבי יעקב ברוך אשרי שליט”א
    הגאון רבי שלמה זלמן זילבערשטיין שליט”א

    ער האט ל”ע פארלוירן א טאכטער מיט יאהרן צוריק אשת הרה”ג רבי יוסף דוד היימליך שליט”א מוועגשייד

    אויך האט ער האט ל”ע פארלוירן מיט עטליכע יאר צוריק זיין איידעם הגאון רבי אלטר ברוך ווידער
    מנהל ישבה לימודי השם בן הגה”צ אב”ד לינז

    ער האט אויך ל”ע פארלוירן זיין משפחה בימי הזעם א פרוי מיט 6 קינדער

    און ער האט זיך מחזק געווען און אויפגעשטעלט פון דאסניי א הערלכע דור


  3. A massive levaya is underway at this hour at Kehillas Arugas HaBosem in Baltimore. All the Rabonim of Baltimore, together with a large part of the community, and Rav Taub’s huge family of hundreds of descendants are in attendance.

    The kvura will take place in Monroe, adjacent to his Rebbe, Rav Yoel m’Satmar.

    Rav Taub’s son, Rav Shaya Taub has been proclaimed the new Rebbe. His nephew, Rav Aron Tzvi, will serve as Ruv.

  4. Another link from the last dor has left us.
    I grew up in Baltomore and remember fondly the times i davened at his shul. You could feel the kedusha and ruach of the alta heim. May be a Malitz Yosher for all of Klal Yisroel.

  5. Rav Taub Ztzvk”l was a Taddik norah ve-nifloh and his passing marks the end of an era in the Baltimore Kehilla. I was zoche to spend much time in his presence – he was the most aidl yid I have ever met while at the same time a passionate defender of Toira. Even when he gave tochacha or spoke strongly about something, it came across more gentle and caring than the words of a mother spoken to her child. His legendary ahavas yisroel, tremendous scholarship, and beautiful middos are an incredible loss to klal yisroel.
    נָפְלָה עֲטֶרֶת רֹאשֵׁנוּ

  6. Baruch Dayan Emes – Rav Taub zt’l exuded a gentleness that is so rarely seen these days, made even more remarkable when one realized the tzuros he suffered in his life. His shitebl, known in Baltimore simply as “Taub’s”, was “old school” – davening without the mishegas, bekovodich, a gathering of men who came to daven and not swap business tales or sports scores (I would assume the same atmosphere pervaded the ezras noshim). There was no better, heimishe, heilegeh way to enter yom tov than by stopping at the Taub’s mikveh – a sense of kedusha, of old world yiddishkeit pervaded Rav Taub’s shtiebl, from the daf yomi shiur to the always-on coffee urn.

    We have suffered a great loss.

  7. It’s important to note that Rav Taub zt’l came to Baltimore on the advise of the Satmar Rebbe zt’l many decades ago and raised his kids as complete Chassidishe yidden despite the fact that Baltimore back then was not the iyr HaTorah that it is now. He proved the concept that “kids are raised in your home.” It is a big chizuk for those who are involved in kiruv who wind up in “out of town” places. Zechuso yogen alenu

  8. I used to daven occasionally at his shule on Shabbos when I lived nearby. Even though I wasn’t a regular there, Rav Taub always made it a point to come over to me to say Gut Shabbos before davening. I fondly remember seeing him learning on the back porch of the shule in the spring and summer. Hamakom ye’nachem eschem . . .

  9. Indeed, Rabbi Taub molled the vast majority of the boys born in Baltimore before 1985, myself included.

    Every Rosh HaShana, the Rebbe would make the brocha on tekias shofar, and try to blow on an odd looking, tiny shofar. Sometimes he got out a few kolos, sometimes none, and then would switch to a better one. I always wondered why he insisted on trying this strange shofar.

    Until I learned that this shofar was made from a rams horn which he obtained from a goy, and hollowed out with a rusty nail, and blew with it in…. Aushwitz.

  10. In the “old days” Rabbi Taub’s shul had (almost)the latest daily minyan (7:30!) in town and alot of the yeshivishe oilam would daven there. His tefilos were with an emmese hislahavus rarely seen. His “Lechi N’ranena” that preceeded every morning’s post davening tehilim still rings in my ears many years later. May he be a meleitz yosher. T N Z B H

  11. I never saw the Ruv Ztzvk’l wihout a smile on his face.

    I will miss seeing him peer through his square glasses and look you in the eye with the warmest smile ever seen.

    All sorts of people passed thru the doors of Arugas Habosem, and the Rebbe’s house.
    From chasidisha meshulachim to frei, normal, retarded and crazy, all were equally welcome, and treated with respect.

    Who doesnt remeber coming in to mincha-maariv and seeing Fred sitting next to the rebbe. He was a drugged out Vietnam vet, who’s business card proclaimed him Messiah. He was also running for President of the USA. The Rebbe always treated him with respect.

    Milton was another not-so-normal fellow. He actually lived in the Rebbe’s house, as did others….

  13. I had the pleasure of knowing Rav Taub, I am noone to judge his Gaonus which he was known to posses, but his Tzidkus, Ahavas Yisroel and Simchas Hachaim could not be hidden. He was a true Tzaddik Galloy!!

  14. The Rebbe, Tz”l had many interesting people living by him & literally ran a soup kitchen. He always had a smile, despite all his tzoros. He was a link to previous generation. Those who knew him & davened in his BM will always remember him as a special Tzadik.

  15. There will be hespedim (Yiddish/English) in Yerushalayim on Sunday night 8:30 at the Bais Shlomo bais medrash on Brand in Har Nof. Speakers will be the Rebbe’s son (via live hook-up), his brother the Binyamina Rebbe, and Rav Moshe Perkal.