NYPD Officer Dies From Gunshot Wounds


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cop shot1.jpgRussel Timoshenko, the NYPD officer who was shot in the face during a Brooklyn traffic stop early last week, has died of his injuries. (Original story reported HERE on YW)


  1. if anyone can make it to his funeral, it will be a big kiddush hashem. he worked in the crown heights section o0f brooklyn. many yidden live there. lets show support to his fellow officers and family. it will be a great kiddush hashem. please post details.

  2. bigplaut,

    that’s a very good point and is reason enough but I should point out what most people probably don’t know about this officer and that is that he is a YID.
    His name is Reuven ben Sara.
    I received an email the other day from a Rav in Flatbush noting that and to daven for him.
    So going to the levaya would also be a mitzvah.
    YW, please post details when you receive.
    thanks and tizku lemitzvot.

  3. just saw a news report regarding today’s court appearance of the perpetrators. Officer Tomishenko’s parents were shown and both were wearing large, well displayed tzeilims around their necks. Apparently solomonA is correct.

  4. my assumption (based on russian orthodox priest on tv claiming a relationship) and the fact that ij morris (on coney and m) is having a “wake” is that (as most russian families) this is some sort of mixed intermarriage and / or family practicing two religions, not knowing the contradiction, not knowing what is involved in judaism.