Av Bais Din Satmar in Kiryas Yoel for Shabbos


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The GAVAD Satmar Shlita (KY) of Williamsburg is spending Shabbos in Kiryas Yoel – where he will be having a Yartzheit Seudah LZ”N the Yismach Moshe ZATZAL.


  1. the satmer williamsburg ruv is a really פה מפיק מרגליות and a גאון עצום he is ruv the in the satmer wm”s (kj) kehile only for about 12 month’s and have thousand’s of followers and חסידים {by his drushes shabos tshive shabos hogodel pirkei ovois etc. in the biggest shull in wms at 14 hopper st. (satmer kj)}
    if there is some who join the shabos please let us know

  2. rabbi mendel teitelbaum he is a son of satmer rabbi, the oldest grand son from the satmer rabbi – the beirech moshe zt”l he was ruv in the sigit shull in wm”s and then he was ruv in satmer in antwarpen and the last yer the satmer kehile in wm”s (kj) take him for there ruv where he is מרבה בתורה ויר”ש וחסידות