Important Child Safety Device Now Available


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childminder2.jpgThere is a new product on the market called the ChildMinder. It replaces the clip on your childs carseat and sets off a keychain alarm if the baby is left in the car. It is now available at a special price of $49 for the Frum Olam. Additional discounts may be available for Bnei Yeshiva. Please call 732-905-0654 for additional details.


  1. whats the difference between ‘frum olam’ and ‘bnei yeshiva’? Are these anywhere related to ‘Chareidi’ and ‘Ultra orthodox’? and do some kids cost more to protect than others?

  2. Bnai Yeshiva – There is a sponsor who is willing to subsidize the cost for Kollel Yungerleit.

    Frum Oilam – The retail price of the ChildMinder is $65. A frum person, as a tovah for the tzibbur, arranged for it to be sold for $49

    COst to protect a child – in all of the above cases: $49 if you but it directly from Baby Alert: $65


  4. What’s the difference what you call frum people? Why can’t we look at the big picture, the fact that there is something to prevent children from being accidentally left in the car, and stop picking on the stupid, nitty-gritty details, like what the person calls frum people!

  5. tzvika – who told you someone is sponsoring it for yungerleit? and the fact that it is a tovah for the tzibbur? someone bought them wholesale from the company and is reselling them. The tova he is doing is that he making available the product. The price is business. I suppose if you called the company and asked for 500 pieces your price would be about 22 – 24 bux apiece. This isnt about frum olam or bnei torah, it is about a yiddishe kup

  6. Ani Tapuach – I am intimately familiar with the details of the deal. There is no profit being made here and there is a sponsor. Why don’t you call the number listed before making assumptions?

    Anon 18 – Go You!!

  7. MOSHE4765
    The great thing about the internet is that it sells to people in lakewood too!
    In fact they sell to any one with an address!

  8. From the picture, and I could be totally wrong, it looks like an RF signal is passed between the two parts, the baby’s clip and the parent’s keychain, and if you leave, with the keychain and without the clip, its transmission range (probably 10-20 feet, or so), the keychain will sound an alarm.

  9. There is no excuse for anyone who needs to be warned that they have a child strapped down behind them in a vehicle this is plain stupidity.
    Severe criminal penalties for anyone who needs to be made an example of, that will stop this irrational madness and keep anyone from creating another atrocity.

  10. i was wondering if i can get a sensor to let me know in the morning that i have a child sleeping in the crib in his room so that i dont leave the house forgetting he exists, and possibly something to remind me my name.

  11. Question: When the next irresponsible parent leaves their child in the car, will he then blame the company that makes this product and sue them for his own mistake?
    My point is that this product only encourages people to be LESS responsible. People need to start being MORE responsible & not encouraged to be less responsible.

  12. That such a device was even made, comes to show that this COULD happen and the lady involved in the story is nebach a big pity. she meant NOTHING wrong. MAy she have only good & Hakodosh Boroch Hu should repay her for her chesed as she was maskim to babysit a 2yr old in the first place. (hard age, in case someone doesnt know)