Israeli Government Levels Shul Near Kever Yosef


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Arutz 7 is reporting, that the Israeli government has completely destroyed a structure near Kever Yosef (Shechem) used as a Shul. It is being reported that groups of Breslov Chassdim – who are known to constantly travel to the Kever – use the Shul. Israeli officials are claiming that the Shul was built without a permit.


  1. when i went to e’y around purim time i saw this shul the gov is just wasteing there time it only makes life harder for the soldiers who stand gurad next to it they cant get shade or a drink

  2. i think we should call our friend in vienna (or antwerp or boro park; where is he now?) and have him arrange to build a new shul. if we use the palestine cement company, then we would be protected from attack. if he installs a video monitor using paltel lines, we can have a continuos video link to there.

    he can set up a yeshiva there, so his children can go to a proper school (he homeschools his sons; the daughters are not allowed in the local “bais yaakov”) where his sons can be taught “proper” learning. all under the auspices of his good buddies, the plo and iran.