Jewish Blogging


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The Article is way too long to post….but it sure is interesting!! (Hat tip DovBear.)


But a post, click and hyperlink away, the burgeoning blogosphere offers a forum for Jewish conversation. Jewish blogs, or Web diaries, run the gamut from kosher cooking to Israeli advocacy. They include leftist rants, dating melodramas, rabbinic ruminations and secular musings from all corners of the globe. Last year, the Pew Internet and American Life Project estimated that 8 million American adults had created blogs. Though the number of specifically Jewish blogs is unconfirmed, those with knowledge of the blogosphere say the pool is substantial. “I’d estimate the number of active blogs at some several thousand,” says Steven Weiss, who currently blogs about religion(, food ( and the Jewish college experience ( “Among young, highly-affiliated Jews, J-blogs are very popular,” the 24 year- old New Yorker continues. “As you move up the age brackets, the popularity drops off somewhat, though many in the organizational and rabbinic establishment have started paying a lot of attention to them.”….