VIDEO: Missionaries​ Flooding The Flatbush Area


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As YWN had reported on Monday, missionaries were spotted in the Flatbush area. Once again all day Tuesday they were out in larger numbers handing out literature with a “Star of David” across the front of it. They are also specifically delivering the package to homes which have Mezuzas on them. They refused to answer questions from our reporter on video, although one resident managed to ask them questions that they had no answer to.

Please warn your children, and dispose of this material as soon as you find it.



  1. Yasher Koach. These people need to be confronted. Find out who provides their materials and who is paying them. Follow the money. They work for con artists, who hope eventually hope to get their hands on all the money we Jews supposedly have.

    You may not have the resources, but if you make the right contacts with the press, they will follow-up if they think there’s a story in it.

  2. The one time I met missionaries, it was in Yerushalayim. I almost beat him up out of anger. I suppose I should be glad I didn’t do it.

    Outside of E”Y of course things are different, but still – anyone specifically targeting us should NOT expect a pleasant or friendly response from me, rather me slamming the door in their face so hard they’ll have troubling hearing for years to come.

  3. Just an addition – note that I wrote, “anyone who specifically targets *us*” in chu”l.

    Missionaries who just stand on the streets or spread things without caring to whom, are different. I don’t like and don’t agree what they’re doing, but as long as they’re targeting everyone and not specifically us, I won’t get angry with them at all. The problem is only with those who seek to exterminate us – and that is what these vermin want.

  4. they came knocking on my friend’s door today- asking if they could come in, luckily she had seen the story on ywn yesterday, and knew what they were all about

  5. I would tell them to give’t to me on garbage day and I’d rip it up and throw it right inthe garbage truck in front of their eyes.

  6. Do you know of anyone who went to the other side because of missionaries, or were they on the way already? I have seen lots of missionaries over the years but have never witnessed any Jew who was bowled over as a result; Russian or otherwise.

  7. I’ve known several “messianic jews”. They knew nothing about yiddishkeit and when approached by messianics whatever they were told, made sense to them and they embraced it. Would a frum yid with a torah education and backround be duped by these people, probably not. An ignorant person can be duped rather easily.

  8. This is terrible. It might be an idea for adults to follow them and warn other people right in front of their noses. Make them uncomfortable.
    I understand that they want to build a center somewhere on coney island ave. Do the same there, make them feel uncomfortable.
    Hashem Yerachem

  9. I love speaking to missionaries. I’ve been able to convince some of them to “just give it up!”

    Remember to never get angry. Once you get angry then they can confuse you in your anger.

    The first thing you do is listen to what they have to say and ask them “Where in the Torah is this written?” They will quote you a portion of a posuk. Get your Artscrol Hebrew/English Chumash and read, out loud, the entire posuk. You may have to read the posuk before or the posuk after in order to point out to them that they’re quoting Torah pesukim out of context.

    When they quote from their ‘new testament’ tell them that we have no “NEW” testaments. We believe in the Torah that G-d gave us not something written by a bunch of disgruntled followers of someone who may have never existed. And it was written hundreds of years after he supposedly died. Point out to them that their new testament contradicts their old testament. Then tell them “look, you have my Torah in your bible. You call it the “old testament”. Even though it is badly mistranslated let’s stick to what we both are familiar with.

    My favorite line that always gets them furious is: (I laugh as I ask them) Tell me the truth, do you believe in Santa Clause? Do you believe in easter bunnies? Do you believe that a Jew on a stick can save you from anything when he couldn’t even save himself?” (Laugh out loud) By this time they will probably leave. If not, just keep pointing out how silly their beliefs are and ask them for quotes. Just don’t get angry.

  10. #7-Years ago, I was an Xtian & started to come to Judaism. I did spend some time with these groups.

    Most Jews that would join them would eventually realize how silly the doctrines are & when they begin to question things (and JEWS ALWAYS END UP QUESTIONING THINGS). However, when you question them or say that you’ve had contact with them, then it gets ugly very quickly; they can turn from loving people to very hateful anti-semites very, very quickly.

    Years ago, one of the last conversations I had with one of their “rabbis” went like this:
    Me: “Hey, I was learning with some orthodox this week and…”
    Their “rabbi”: “What you want to become orthodox & wear a big, furry hat?” [he said it so sarcastically & condescending in order to somehow make me think that I should worry about clothes vs. religious doctrines…what a nutcase]
    Me: “Well, no. But I was also reading some of their books & they actually make more sense.”
    Their “rabbi”: “Those books are written by pedophiles & people that call [Yeshka]’s mom a prostitute. They are going to be judged so harshly. You need to stay away from them.”
    Me: “Wow, I didn’t know that. I’m sorry, maybe you’re right”….I hung up the phone & never talked to those lunatics ever again. From that moment on, I have been Orthodox, B”H

  11. I remember that one morning I was walking my dog (yes, I am frum and have a dog) on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. A group of Jews for J was having their picture taken with the Manhatten skyline as a background. Across the promenade they had set up 2 snack tables loaded with danish. As they were posing, my dog proceeded to lick the danish. I did nothing to stop him as he had not had breakfast yet.
    Just a thought to brighten your day.

  12. There are many groups who “reach out” to yidden. Some are more subtle than others. Some come straight out and try to get you to embrace another religion, and others use the more deceptive approach developed by moish rosen – shem reshaim yirkav – founder of jews for j that don’t use the conversion tactic but instead go for the “complete jew” approach. All have deep pockets and are heavily funded. They are best confronted by those who are prepared to speak with them in a calm manner. If you yell at them you are proving a point they are trying to make namely “believers act nicer”. The natural inclination is to physically throw them out but it feeds their stereotype of non “believers” and those who have not “accepted him”.

    If you choose to confront them, do so on the facts. They have literature that makes certain claims confront those claims. Please however, be prepared to address those claims with explanations of your own. If the literature makes a claim based on “jeremiah 31” or “isiah 53” be prepared to show why the claims are wrong AND be prepared to offer the proper approach. If you can’t, you are better off not starting with them. If you feel it is important to speak to them anyway, ask them to explain their position and ask questions, the more questions you ask the less they can answer and the more it becomes obvious that they themselves don’t know what they are talking about. Most importantly, it shows others who may be listening that they are peddling junk. Always remember to stay calm and keep your cool, no matter how mad or frustrated you may be.