Senator Joseph Lieberman’s Book About Shabbos To Be Released August 16


Dealing with the details of religious ritual observance is not often the subject of public discussion by prominent politicians. Senator Joseph Lieberman, who moves confidently in the highest echelons of political office, has maintained his observance of the Jewish Sabbath throughout his years in government. The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath, to be released on August 16 by Simon and Schuster’s Howard Books division, working together with OU Press, is Senator Lieberman’s exploration of the profound impact observance of the Sabbath has had on him.

In the book, Senator Lieberman shares his experiences, some humorous and some serious, drawn from a lifetime of public service, as he combined loyalty to his faith with responsibility to his office.  Senator Lieberman’s reflections on the significance of the Sabbath and how Sabbath observance has enriched his life and the lives of those around him are a call to spirituality to those in high office as well as an inspiration to the man and woman in the street.

A longtime Connecticut Senator and the author of numerous books, Senator Lieberman recently announced he would not run for office in 2012. In 2000, he ran for Vice President of the United States as Al Gore’s running mate.

This book is among the offerings from OU Press, the publishing house of the Orthodox Union.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. How dare he write such a book, and pose as an Orthodox Jew, after he proclaimed on the national Don Imus Radio Show that it was OK for a Jew to marry a Goy.

  2. Hacham and deep thinker. Loshon horah and sinas chinam in the 9 days. How sad. Senator lieberman has honored the shabbos and deserves our respect for that.

  3. Hes a modern orthodox jew who is a US senator. He davens 3 times a day and is shomer shabbos. Hes also one of the most respected members in the senate and was never in any controversy at all. Hes writing to the secular world. This is not a shalos and teshuva sefer released by artsroll – relax chevra

  4. Maybe for nine days we could restrain the inclination to say nasty things. I read these comments, and I see bricks tumbling off the Beis haMikdosh.

  5. y do ppl think that you could speak lashon hara whenever you feel like?just becasuse its in writing, that is lashon hara too!
    think about it , its the begining of the 9 days….

  6. Look at it this way guys. The day will soon come when he will publicly denounce partial birth abortion and gay rights and then all of this love for Shabbos will begin to make sense to you all. Every Jew has an opportunity to redeem his soul and for this senator it will come when he says that his votes were a mistake, born out of his liberal Jewish upbringing. He is, like most other Jews, ignorant of what true daas Torah is and like all of us he will wake up one day and recognize the errors in his ways by repenting wholeheartedly.

  7. Just ordered my copy from (discount, $18.65 including shipping).

    Perhaps people should read the book before they spout lashon hara. And then, when they read it, they should refrain from lashon hara.

    Benechomas Tziyon v’Yerushalayim.

  8. Clearlly, Mike Hall (17), and that is what you get on these anonymous web sites every day.
    This book will be a light to the future generations and clearly might inspire many of the non observant jews. To say it is assur is to stick your own thumb in your worthless mouth and think that you are feeding yourself protein.

  9. Sen. Lieberman’s book will probably be read by many more secular Jews then anything that Artscroll, Feldheim, etc. publish, and will enlighten the secular Jews who always thought “how can you keep Shabbos and be successful professionally”. If even one person is inspired to change their attitude about being Shomer Shabbos, this book will have had a great affect upon the world!

    The incident deepthinker refers to, was that during the 2000 election, Sen. Lieberman was asked on a radio program if Jews can marry non-Jews. Knowing that there was no way to give a halachic response on a widely listened to radio program, Lieberman admits to taking the easy way out, because not only the goyim, but the liberal Jews would never see the answer “no, we don’t marry out” as at all politically correct. Lieberman was thrust into the position of answering as a politician, not a Yid. Perhaps this is a good reason why we should stay out of politics, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

  10. mark levin:

    No, it must not be said. Your violent hatred of Democrats is abhorrent.

    If the man is rationalizing, he is perhaps misguided. You have no business making fun of his oeuvre.

  11. Does the book detail the heteirim for working on Shabbos? Like walking to work on Shabbos when you need to vote. What about the heteirim he made for skipping brochos like Shelo Asani Isha? And the heteirim for marrying a shiksa that he mentioned on the radio. And the heteirim he has for not only voting for toeiva marriage, but being one of its biggest promoters. Does he detail these and other heteirim?