Fatal MVA In Bnei Brak


A fatal accident that occurred on Jabotinsky Street at the corner of Rabbi Akiva in Bnei Brak on Sunday claimed two lives, the driver of a scooter and a 19-year-old Efrat Cohen z”l, who died of her massive injuries. Efrat was supposed to announce her engagement next week.

The accident occurred at about 10pm, with the scooter running into Cohen as she crossed the street. At this time, police indicate it is unclear if the driver ran a red light or if Cohen crossed on a red light. The two sustained life-threatening injuries and both were pronounced dead upon arrival or shortly following their arrival at the hospital.

Efrat was a resident of Shikun Hey of Bnei Brak, and is survived by her parents and five siblings. Avner, her father, a driver who was in Kibbutz Shalavim when notified of the accident, hurried to the hospital. He did not make it to the emergency room in time. She was niftar shortly before his arrival.

As of 10:30am Monday, 303 motorist and pedestrians were killed on the nation’s roadways in 2011.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. BD”E

    Unless I misunderstand the story, a scooter hit a pedestrian. How is that a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

    May Hashem send a נחמה to the families.

  2. Hashem Yirachem on the families.
    A majority of scooter/motor cycle riders in Israel are not licensed for that vehicle rather are auto licensed. It is an entirely different set of skills necessary for a 2 wheeled motor cycle. Please be aware and do not allow your young adults in Israel to assume the ease of travel with scooters.

  3. i visit eretz yisroel frequently, and i see pedestrians step into traffic without looking all the time. kids and adults the same. its unfortunately a very common thing there. kids are just not taught the basics nebach. but the adults -i think its because there are so many pedestrians in EY who never sat in the drivers seat, they have no idea how long it takes for a car to stop. they look at drivers and say hey- you have a car and i am here walking and shvitzing- YOU should stop for ME. just a theory because i have no other way to explain it.

  4. Thanks to everyone for clarifying. (Although the acronym is used, often in a legal context, specifially for a multi-vehicle incident, obviously that was not the intention here.)

  5. I don’t know or care if she cross against the light but around the world motor scooter drivers drive like nobody else except them are on the road. A lot of bicycle riders cycle also like this. Last week I was coming to a stop light behind a car and a bicycle cut between to get to the other side. If I did not slam the brakes he will have be crush. Motorcycle riders when you signal right they pass on the right and when you signal left pass on the left. They don’t understand that they are hard to see. Pedestrians need also to becareful of motor cycles because most and repeat most are reckless.