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Hagon HaRav Shteinman Calls For Tefilos In Light Of Critical Situation

HaGaon HaRav Aaron Leib Shteinman Shlita is calling upon Am Yisrael to daven, for residents of Eretz Yisrael to increase tefilos in light of the perilous threats facing Eretz Yisrael on many fronts.

The Gadol HaDor’s statement comes in response to a question from HaGaon Rabbi Meir Kessler Shlita, Rav of Modi’in Illit, who called upon Rav Shteinman to ask what we should be doing at present due to the situation.

Rav Shteinman said that each and every person in Eretz HaKodesh should take upon himself to increase tefilos, and Tehillim, especially Chapters 93, 130, 142, and the Mizmor, Ki Yaancha Hashem Beyom Tzora.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Maybe the article should tell us what the critical situation is? i for one have no idea so if someone can fill me in it would be appreciated

  2. To Eric #2…

    1) Tens of thousands of rockets in Lebanon with Hezbolla just itching to start firing them.
    2) More and higher quality rockets and anti-tank weapons in Gaza with Hamas just itching to use them.
    3) The “PA” about to declare a ‘state’ at the UN, which will be a signal to yishmaeli savage in Yehuda and Shomron to start rioting and attacking Jews.
    4) All the internal unrest in Egypt and Syria that will undoubtedly be channeled against Israel.
    5) Turkey snuggling up to more radical anti-Israel regimes and threatening the Israeli navy.
    6) Obama IS anti-Israel.
    7) A G-dless, gutless government in Eretz Yisrael, that are yirai Obama instead of yirai HaSh-m, and are more interested in serving obama’s wishes, than HaSh-m’s.

    OH YEAH – we have plenty to daven for.

  3. You know in Eilat.
    Egyptian protesters attack on the Israeli Embassy and very little interest by the Egyptian govt to save the lives of those in the embassy. Israel is surrounded by enemies.

  4. eric55:
    * Turkey is increasingly hostile, making more provocative threats and taking more provocative action each day.
    * Egyptian mobs stormed the Israeli embassy and the embassy staff escaped with their lives by the skin of their teeth.
    * Jordan is also taking a more hostile stance, apparently joining the anti-Israel rhetoric, afraid of losing its standing in the Arab world.
    These three countries were until recently considered Israel’s allies in a VERY HOSTILE AND DANGEROUS NEIGHBORHOOD!!!
    * This is besides for the Palestinian up-and-coming bid for statehood with more and more countries expressing their support. Even if the USA vetoes it, it can have very negative consequences for Israel.
    * And don’t forget the increased rocket attacks coming from Gaza.
    * Also bear in mind the rearmament of Hizbullah in the north.
    * Likwise, note the threats of the Iranian megalomaniac, Ahmadinejad, with his near-nuclear fission capabilities and declaration of intentions to eliminate Israel.
    * And let’s also point out the tremendous danger of regimes such as Libya falling into the hands of rebels who now have all sorts of unconvential weapons (biological, etc.) within reach.
    * Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood possibly taking over the neighborhood is not exactly “good for the Jews.”
    * The instability in Yemen and Syria is also dangerous because when there is unrest, desperate people from both sides take it out on the scapegoat – guess who?
    *World economy is on the brink of disaster and once again, when the nations of the world feel the earth shaking under their feet, who suffers?

    So all in all, the 70 wolves are sharpening their teeth and our Father in Heaven is waiting for his shepselach to raise their hands to Him and come closer.
    It’s Elul, so the timing is right. Hashiveinu Hashem eilecha ve’nashuva…

    So all in all

  5. This was in the coffee room and answers your questions:

    The following is published on YWN with permission of the author, Rabbi Lazer Brody (

    Back in Rosh Hashana eve of 1973, Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir reassured a complacent Israeli public still drunk from the miraculous 1967 Six-Day War victory, “We’ve never been stronger! The Arabs wouldn’t dream of attacking.” On Yom Kippur of 1973, Syria and Egypt launched a two-prong surprise attack that brought Israel to its knees. Moshe Dayan was the first one to have a panic attack. Hashem saved us by a bigger miracle than 1967. Those of us who fought in that war can testify first hand.

    Exactly 38 years later, we are in the same exact position. Only this time, the Arab noose is umpteen times more dangerous. Iran will have an A-bomb any day now. Al Qaida has taken over Sinai and our once quiet border with Egypt is now a powder keg. Turkey, our newest (old) enemy, i moving ships into our side of the Mediterranean. Hamas in Gaza has dangerous new Iranian and Libyan weapons, including bunker busters. Syria and Hizbulla have the nastiest chemical warheads, something beyond Satan’s imagination.
    One honest IDF commander – Home Front Command chief Maj. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg – said we must prepare for imminent war. Defense Minister Barak and company say that Eisenberg is exaggerating. Minister Yaalon is now joining the bandwagon of complacency too, saying, “No war in sight.” These politicians are spiritually deaf and blind, hearing none of Hashem’s wakeup calls.

    My beloved teacher and spiritual guide, Rav Shalom Arush shlit’a, called me urgently to come see him today – he rarely does that, for we usually meet at regular intervals. He told me that his spiritual guide – the holy hidden Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Zev Leibowitz of saintly memory – came to him in a dream last night and said that in Heaven, all-out war against Israel has been decreed, a war which is supposed to break out before Rosh Hashana, in other words, within the next 3 weeks.

    But, don’t be afraid. Hashem does love us and wants to be with us. But, we must be worthy of the Divine Presence. Rav Shalom told me that every single Jew must begin doing serious teshuva and self-assessment while begging Hashem to delay this harsh decree. I asked Rav Shalom, “Why pray for a delay? Why not pray for a total cancellation?” Rav Shalom said the delay is to allow more people to make teshuva. A cancellation is almost impossible, because it’s part of Hashem’s plan to bring Moshiach, in the nearest future. Once Moshiach comes, teshuva will be worthless. Today, teshuva is still worth it’s weight in diamonds. But time is running out super-fast.

    I know that this post may earn me the status of the village idiot. But it’s worth it if even one family heeds me. There is little time left. Forget about the new furniture and the new jewelry. We must all raise our voices in such a manner that the Heavenly Throne shudders. This is Nineveh 2011. Please, if you love your spouse and your children, start speaking to Hashem for an hour a day. Personal prayer invokes phenomenal Divine compassion, because it’s a strong expression of emuna. Rav Shalom says, if you believe in Hashem, you speak to Him. If you don’t believe in Him, then you don’t speak. Let’s all start speaking before it’s too late.


    all the past tragedies only happened due to the fact that we don’t take the message from hashem to start doing teshuva & think we can fool hashem & not realize these wake-up calls

  7. Certainly time for Teshuva. – and #1, it’s not “Ki”; it’s probably a transcription of (Kapitl/Mizmor #20), “Khaf,” with a shmitchik.

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