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Light Rail Drivers Without a License

It may only be a technicality to some, but undoubtedly, it is an embarrassment as well as legal reality that prohibits most of Jerusalem’s light rail drivers from reporting to work. The 64 drivers of Jerusalem’s new light rail system do not have a valid license since the temporary licenses issues to them by the Ministry of Transportation expired on September 15th. It appears that officials did manage to renew licenses for 12 drivers, and today, they are maintaining the burden of keeping the light rail operational until the others can get valid licenses.

Citypass officials, the operator of the light rail, point the finger of blame at the ministry, adding they expected to see the permanent licenses on time, but the temporary ones expired and the ministry simply did not take care of business, the daily HaMevaser reports.

As a result of the expired licenses, service deteriorated drastically on Thursday with trains running 30 minutes apart instead of every 12 minutes.

The ministry does not accept the responsibility for the embarrassing situation, blaming Citypass for waiting until the last moment to file for the renewals.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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