Arrests In Meah Shearim As Police Move Against Sikrikim


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Israel police on Tuesday morning moved into Meah Shearim to make arrests, apparently to prevent a continued deterioration of the situation involving the Sikrikim (hoodlum youths), who have been terrorizing a number of local stores, including the Ohr Chaim seforim store.

The large force consisted of mounted units and Yassam tactical troops, all wearing body armor from head to toe. When the force, which was led by the mounted units, arrived at the Meah Shearim shuk, they closed the area down and began making arrests. Yolish Krauss, known as the operations officer of the Eida Chareidit was among the first taken into custody. Mordechai (Moti) Hirsch was also taken into custody, known as a leading force in the Neturei Karta. A third person, whose identity is not known at this time, was also arrested. They were taken outside the neighborhood to waiting police cars.

Hirsch is alleged to have been running a protection racket, demanding money from Ohr Chaim to ensure his store is not targeted by hoodlums. Police report that they found pashkavilim against the store in Krauss’ home.

Police also raided what is reportedly the Neturei Karta headquarters in Meah Shearim, where the magazine Otzer Yahadus is produced. They found a scooter from the Electra Company apparently from the period of protests as well as pashkavilim against HaGaon HaRav Shteinman Shlita, the Rebbe of Toldos Aaron Shlita and others.

Police also visited the Meah Shearim slaughterhouse which is owned by Krauss, this time welding the doors shut and blocking access to the entrance. They also cut electricity to the building. It appears police learned from their last attempt to shut down the slaughterhouse since moments after they left, operations resumed.

Officials explain the slaughterhouse was shut due to deplorable sanitary conditions.

A Jerusalem Police spokesman confirmed the closure of the slaughterhouse located on HaMishnios Street as well as placing the owner (Krauss) under arrest. In addition, police confirm arresting “a leader of the sikrikim on Ein Yaakov Street” who is suspected of blackmailing the owner of Ohr Chaim. An probe of his computer revealed pashkavilim against the store owner and Israel police.

Police were attacked with rocks and other objects. There are no reports of injuries.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. it is interesting to see how two rabbonim, rav stienman and the toldos aron rebbe, who are very differant when it comes to the subject of the israel state and israeli army, join together against such a chilul H’.

  2. It’s about time! Why are people so afraid of these hoodlums?

    They are not following the Torah, so why are they being allowed to pressure everyone else to follow their warped interpretation of the Torah?

    Their leaders should be hung by their beards and let their bodies rot! Do not even bury them, according to the Halacha, since they don’t follow the Halacha of Veahavta Lereiacha Kamocha, why should we follow it for them.

    Nekama? Absolutely!

    Enough said!


  3. Why doesn’t it surprise me that this bastion of self-professed Luddites (google their actions against DVDs) nevertheless has a computer (likely hooked up to the internet)
    FROM the article: “An [sic] probe of his computer revealed pashkavilim against the store owner and Israel police.”

  4. “Police were attacked with rocks and other objects.”

    Is it any wonder the police were hesitant to get involved and investigate this? When they don’t, everyone complains and says they aren’t doing anything because they hate frum Jews. When they do, they get physically attacked. It’s lose-lose.

    If I were a cop, I’d let the people of M”S find their own way to deal with it. I wouldn’t risk my neck for people who attack when I try to help. Either that, or I’d bring in a large force and bring down the hammer in a big way.

  5. They are not “hoodlum youths” these are adult “charedi” nut cases that run a mafia in the name of Judaism so no rabbonim come out against them.

    They smash the windows of Manny’s bookstore numerous times and also dumped feces in the store, all because Manny’s would not pay protection fees.

    On your next trip to Geula, ask the store keeper how much he pays the neturai kartah so that his windows don’t get smashed, you will be amazed.

  6. Its time to label Neturei Karta and Sikrikim as well as any other violent evil group as terrorists and lock them all up. Its truly sickening that frum yidden act this way. These people pretend to be so frum so “chareidi” when all they are is a walking Chillul Hashem. They have no clue what Torah is they have no respect for Gedolim and in fact have perpetrated violence against Rave Sherman. These people are not Jews. Its time to stop tolerating these sickos who give us all a bad name.

  7. Standing up against Chilul Hashem is step one, the next step is action.
    Can’t use our male mikveh, no aliyah in shul,,,,action has to come next.

  8. “Hirsch is alleged to have been running a protection racket, demanding money from Ohr Chaim to ensure his store is not targeted by hoodlums.”
    So they’r against mannys because of the books he sells and the tourists it brings to the area? So whats the protection bracket all about? This sounds like just a money making ordeal rather than really meaning it sincerely?!!

  9. It’s nice to see this protection racket shut down, unfortunately things like this happen all the time. Yeshivas will use strong arm tactics to default on their bills. They will particularly exploit the fact that students will not want to blow the whistle on their rosh yeshiva, or his bookkeeper, or even his favorite goon. Someone who is too honest may wind up ostracized or even the target of a villification campaign. Widespread corrupt attitudes of total denial and laughing at the travails of a victim make the situation worse. Rabbi Hirsh was among those that committed these crimes on a grand scale. However, the fact that he was busted has as much to do with his unpopular politics as it does with his heinous actions.