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Rubashkin Petition: ‘We The People’ Needs 25,000 Signatures To Get White House Response

The petition site at the White House named “We the People” changed its policy this afternoon: An issue will need 25,000 signatures in order to get an official response from the White House policy team, up from the 5,000 signatures needed when the site was made available to the public two weeks ago.

The petition in favor of Sholom Rubashkin; which already has 23,000 signatures, will not be affected by this change. Only issues that are petitioning from now on will need to reach 25,000.

“Despite the fact that Rubashkin’s case is in the can based on the old number, it will be beneficial for the project – from a policy and public relations point of view – that Rubashkin reaches the we reach the new requirement of 25,000 and beyond,” says Yossi Gestetner a news analyst and marketing consultant in the Orthodox Jewish community.

You can sign the petition at the White House website by clicking HERE.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

20 Responses

  1. Can every member of the same family sign it separately, if they all are doing it from the same computer and IP address? Or does it block a second person from signing from the same computer ip address?

  2. It is a tragedy that a pillar of our people has been so severely punished under such unseemly circumstances as Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin.

    I call upon all my fellow Jews who are pained by the plight of Reb Sholom Mordechai to take upon themselves to mechazek their own learning of Choshen Mishpat and to form chaburas in Choshen Mishpat to increase our zechusim and siata d’Shmaya so such a horrible thing should not befall us again.

    We have one in KGH Sunday mornings at 9:30 am, pls email [email protected] for details.

  3. I signed before. Are they saying to sign again? I don’t mind, but I don’t want Obama’s advisors say that Orthodox Jews are not ehrlich.

  4. Too number 1,2,3 and the rest of the people feeling bad for Mr. Rubashkin. You need to be aware of the facts. He commited 86 counts of finical fraud. That’s not talmud chachum. Just a terrible ignorant indivual.

  5. @ #4, While I’m not going to argue with you about the facts since you already have your mind made up, assuming you are right he is still a jew and there is still a mitzvah of piyon shvuyim.

  6. To number 4: You are obviously not aware of the facts. Before calling someone else ignorant, I would check your grammar and spelling.

  7. Number 4, you are 100% correct, but 100% incorrect at the same time. While yes, he did get charged with financial fraud, you have to look at WHY. He always borrowed money and the banks were always lending to him. The banks knew he would pay up in the end. Then the Govenment stepped in with the illegal immigration investigation. While the court has proved he was totally innocent of that, it coused him not to be able to pay back the banks. He the gov done their job properly, he would still be making money and paying the banks back.

    For you to make such a statement in that manor, is totally inaccurate.

  8. This is pathetic. If the white house changed the policy from 5000 to 25000 (obviously because of Rubashkin) what is stopping them from bumping it to 50000? Or higher? Even with the 25000 votes you can be sure Obama will do nothing other than release some statement about how justice was served blah blah blah. I signed the petition but I don’t expect anything from it.

  9. While it may seem insequential to vote because they won’t do anything anyway, it is possible with Hashem’s help that something could result from letting the White House know that 50,000 Jews feel so strongly about the injustice done to Rabbi Rubashkin. Obama is trying to get the Jewish vote and if he realizes that this is a hot issue, he may feel pressured to look into this and let Judge Reade be the korban. Wouldn’t that be sweet justice?

  10. every member of your family over the age of 13 can sign. you need a separate email account for each one. if you already signed, you must log out before another family member can create an account or sign in. it is not based on ip address, it is based on the user id that you create.

  11. #3: You shouldn’t do it, and you shouldn’t do it because you are ehrlich, not because we want people to think we are.

  12. Consider how the change doesn’t apply to Rubashkin petition, I can’t possibly see why you think it’s obvious that that’s why they’re doing it. I’d guess it has much more to do with the White House not wanting to need to individually respond to all 75 slightly differently worded petitions in favor of legalizing drugs that the site is going to be getting every week until they stop this debacle.

  13. I don’t see one for Pollard on the White House website, why is that? #16, your link does not lead to a petition. Someone has to create it.

  14. Let’s make sure that Rabbi Rubashkin gets more than 25,000. Let’s keep this thing moving until the due date which is the end of October. We are going to have the days of Yom Tov and Shabbos when we will not be able to vote, so let’s get as much going now as possible.

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