Turkey Declines Israeli Aid Offer Following Quake


President Shimon Peres spoke with Turkish President Abdullah Gul a short time ago. Mr. Peres expressed his condolences over the loss of life as a result of the powerful quake that struck the country today, 25 Tishrei, reminding the Turkish official that Israel’s IDF Homefront Command search & rescue team is ready to move towards offering humanitarian assistance.

Gul informed Mr. Peres that his country is declining the offer for Israeli assistance, explaining local forces will deal with the natural disaster.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Smart move on Israel’s part. Israel had to know that Turkey would block their assistance and now the world sees what each country stands for. Israel cares for life while Turkey doesn’t.

  2. well! we do deserve blame. if we are so stupid as to offer to help our enemies whom hashem is bsd punishing, then we are fools. to help chareidim,- absolutely not but to help murderers they are gung ho(kol hamracheim al hu achzurim…….

  3. Final Score:
    Save Face – 1
    Save Lives – 0

    Interesting that CBS Radio, as late as 12:00 midnight, reported only Israel’s offer, not Turkey’s declining of it. Also they spun the offer as “pay-back” for help Turkey gave them.