Palestinians Say Hackers Have Taken Down Phone & Internet Services


Hackers have attacked Palestinians servers, cutting off phone and Internet service across the West Bank and Gaza, the Palestinian communications minister told Agence France-Presse on Tuesday. He alleged that a foreign government was behind the attack.

“Since this morning all Palestinian IP addresses have come under attack from places across the world,” Mashur Abu Daqqa told AFP. “Israel could be involved as it announced yesterday that it was considering the kind of sanctions it would impose on us.”

The incident came a day after the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization voted to admit Palestine as a full member of the group, a move that angered Israel.

Abu Daqqa said the sites were attacked in an “organized” manner, using mirror servers.

As early as 2006, hacking site Darknet reported that Israeli hackers had joined the fight against Palestine. Calling themselves IDF, the hackers disrupted dozens of Palestinian sites, erasing the site content and replacing it with their own photos with the caption: “You touch Israel, We touch you.”



  1. *** BREAKING NEWS ***
    The apparent cyber attack that brought down Palestinian internet and telephones was NOT intentional. It seems that this was the result of some Bnei Brakkers testing out the new Chareidi Filter that is planned for distribution throughout Israel in the next few days.

  2. #3- Because this is exactly what ‘we’ don’t do. I hope this wasn’t Israeli, and if it was that isn’t wasn’t military because this attack does not just target military targets but civilian targets as well, and unlike them, WE don’t target civilians.

  3. #5 – If we can target their cells and internet, etc., that would be marvelous. It wouldn’t hurt any civilians, but they wouldn’t be able to send out mass messages, and so on. And most of their citizens would love to kill Jews, so anything we do to citizens is the same as fighting the army, as far as I’m concerned.