Poll: Most Israelis Prefer to Keep Israel Jewish


If one reads the secular press and listens to the radio in Israel, one might believe that most Israelis wish to shed their Jewish roots and customs entirely. According to a poll conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute this simply is not so.

The poll shows there is an increase in the observance of mitzvos and 84% of the Jewish public believes in G-d. 76% of the Jewish population observes kashrus, and 61% feel the state should be run according to Jewish tradition while only 44% prefer democratic principles over Halacha.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Which is why the people running Eretz Yisrael are in a panic and are turning increasing vicious towards anyone frum (whether they be Hareidim in streimels, or modern orthodox with kippah serugah). Elites don’t like being replaced, and revolutions usually turn messy.

  2. People can be frum without violating the issur of a “Jewish” State before Moshiach. We live here in America without a Chief Rabbinate and we do just fine.

  3. According to Halachah you cannot have a state following Jewish traditions before Moshiach comes. Better to have democracy and stop calling the State “Jewish”, which is a stirah to democracy.

  4. The state of yidden and therefore by extension the Jewish state
    Needs to be more Jewish in character for the security and peace of mind of its inhabitants

    Beside the point, something more substantial needs to be done for the education of all the tayere yiddishe kinderlach

    You dont fool me.
    Who are you fooling?
    Youre only fooling yourself.
    Fooling a fool is foolish

    Grow up