Lahava Continues to Combat Assimilation in Israel


The Lahava organization continues efforts to prevent assimilation in Eretz Yisrael, focused on the alarming trend of Jewish females becoming entangled with Arab men. In a recent case reported by HaKol HaYehudi, an Arab prisoner managed to send 1,000 NIS from his jail cell, in cash to a 16-year-old Jewish girl for her birthday. Activists from Lahava continue efforts to pull impressionable females from Arab men, who ultimately bring them to their villages where they become slaves, living a life of torment and abuse.

The Jewish female in this case is a resident of the Netanya area, and the Arab male, the prisoner, is 23. He befriended her in the area near her home. At some point the female agreed to visit his Bedouin village, spending a number of days with him. The Arab male and his family promised her a life of wealth and comfort if she just agrees to move to the village permanently.

The male was recently arrested and remanded pending the outcome of the case against him. He has a criminal record including drug-related crimes and theft. On the young lady’s birthday a messenger arrived at her home with the 1,000 cash gift from her beloved. Blinded by his generosity, the girl told her parents she plans to move in with the man in his Bedouin village once he is released from jail.

Lahava was notified and they are working on this case, warning of the alarming increase in such cases in which Jewish females are wooed by Arab men, who too often are successful in winning them over.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)