NYC Councilman Lander Bill Would Mean No More Sanitation Tickets On Major Holidays


Councilmember Brad Lander introduced legislation to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, creating a sidewalk litter exemption on holidays during which alternate side parking is suspended.

The legislation would not allow The Department of Sanitation to ticket homeowners and businesses for dirty sidewalks on major religious holidays when alternate side parking is suspended, including Sukkoth, Purim, and Shauvoth.

“My office, via my Boro Park Community Liaison Gabi Friedlander, receives numerous complaints about dirty sidewalk violation tickets that were issued on holidays; days when many New Yorkers are not allowed to work,” said Councilmember Brad Lander. “Through a small adjustment in the administrative code – stopping sanitation ticketing on holidays during which alternate side parking is suspended – we can make life easier for all New Yorkers.”



  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! NOW THROW YOUR TRASH ON THE SIDEWALK! For weekends it makes sense, b/c why would should a sanitation enforcement officer (why does any Sanitation worker need to work? Be like other cities, do it during the week )have to work on those days??? But seriously? Just b/c its New Years Day we can now legally dump our trash on the sidewalks??? NYC IS DIRTY ENOUGH AND NOW ON CERTAIN DAYS YOU CAN LEGALLY LITTER???!!!!!!!! DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE????

  2. dkbmd, what on earth are you talking about? What has this got to do with throwing trash? Where did you see anything about that in the article? Did you even bother reading it? And what do you suggest people should do about a dirty sidewalk on yomtov? Do you think they should be mechalel yomtov to clean it, or should they just pay the ticket as a sacrifice for Hashem? Someone is trying to help yidden out; why do you object?